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Congress on DHS – Where Parading Substitutes for Principal

Although Sen Harry Reid (D-NV), former Senate Majority Leader, holds the historical distinction of being on the nation’s Top Ten Most Divisive list, the current Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, appears destined to the ranks of the tactically challenged. In an era where a developing security threat is a mere ten second sound-bite away why would you ever consider using DHS Funding as a tool for political hostage taking?

In a Representative Constitutional Republic (such as the U.S. design intended), abuse of power is the single greatest and most corruptible risk for which there is no defense. The President’s use of Executive Authority as a mechanism for altering Federal Immigration Law is a most corruptible abuse of power.

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McConnell vs. Grimes – The Kentucky Model

There’s a serious contest taking place in Kentucky; it’s not a contest over Ideals mind you or, heaven forbid, Solutions or Compelling Models worth pursuing or emulating; NO! This contest is one which illustrates the deplorable state of the voting public’s expectations and how low they’ve become. The fact is that it’s not that Mitch McConnell is so bad but more so that Kentuckians have been so willing to tolerate his 30 consecutive years of non-performance!

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