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Restoring the U.S. Housing & Mortgage Markets?

The past week I spent twenty minutes On Air with Pat Campbell of 1170 KFAQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The discussion was, for the most part, centered about various plans presently being tossed about having to do with salvaging the U.S. Housing Markets and what to do with all that pesky Mortgage Debt. Let’s be quite clear, there is no escaping the fact that if the goal is to preserve both the Housing Market AND the Mortgage Debt then there is no solution; there is no way to accomplish both at the same time. To believe so would also then suggest that one can stay dry in a monsoon by stepping between drops of rain! 

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New World Dis-Orders Job Creation

First, let me offer you comfort in the fact that a stunning realization found media nirvana this past week when Fed Chairman Bernanke announced with supreme and superfluous clarity, “The country would be well served by a better process for making fiscal decisions.”  You don’t say Mr. Chairman! 

Still well behind the times and economic realities, consequent to well-seasoned monetary policies, the Chairman managed yet another advanced-curve pronouncement when he stated, “The quality of economic policy-making in the United States will heavily influence the nation’s long-term prospects.” Could it be that Mr. Bernanke may be the most recent first-in-class graduate of the Nancy Pelosi School of Forward Thinking Proven Failures graduate program for the Oxymoronic or Neo-Lucent?   

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