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The Fiat Economy of Real Estate

I’m growing weary of reading articles and or listening to various media commentaries on the Real Estate economy. So-called “experts” that clearly have absolutely no concept of the mechanism which control this segment of the U.S. Economy. Even more distressing is listening to the miscellaneous ramblings of various elected officials who express heart-felt concerns over the thickening dread of the American People whilst at the same time crafting legislation that is emblematic of the very cause that lies at the root of the problem.

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Mortgage Redeux

July 1, 2009 

Financial Blunder American Style, the near maniacal level of Government waste, stupidity and mindless blundering continues! 

Yes, I know, the comments are polemic in appearance however, I know no better way to express the very concern we all have yet absolutely no one is paying attention to. The consequences either. 

As of this writing, the Federal Government is nearing 7 Trillion Dollars in various stimulus miss-adventures (including the exposed actions of the Federal Reserve) yet the economic grip on the greased pole continues to slip further on to financial oblivion. 

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