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Obama, State Department Idles at Short-Sighted Pace

The President is being hammered for his no-policy Foreign Policy stance. Some suggest his leading from behind describes his ponderously inept stasis however, the reality is somewhat different. The President believes his skill-set is far superior, as if he were Oz (behind the emerald curtain) dossing at will the global conscience into his vision of submission.

It has long been known that the current Middle-East quagmire originates circa the first Iran-Iraq war. As a surrogate battle-front for West vs. East interest with Iranians Islamic Regime (in reality more of military style Junta) being backed chiefly by Russia (then the U.S.S.R.) and the Chinese. The U.S. opted for a policy of containment and later, with the fall of the Soviet Regime, continued the policy believing that the very same or similar policy approach levied against Russia would eventually suffocate the Iranian Junta as well.

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Obama’s Secret Letter to Khamenei – Desperate for a Bad Deal!

A personal appeal from one head-of-state to another is no news or it is secretive. The capability of a competent negotiator is always their ability to be, eminently, personal. The challenge here is that we’re dealing with an issue (Nuclear Arms Technology) that is far more explosive and well beyond the capabilities and competency of a deeply political and terminally divisive Administration.

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A Mid-Term Election Summary; Mistakes, Failures and Outlook


(1) It’s a mistake for anyone to view the election results given the “break” and movement of “independent” voter swing. The GOP should view the outcome as a warning; the next cycle can switch just as quickly.

(2) It’s a mistake to expect that the Obama Administration will change its colors; in fact I expect the President to characterize himself as a victim of the outcome and to stick to his confrontational practices.

(3) It’s a mistake for the GOP to stick with McConnell as a Senate Majority Leader.

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A Presidential Device – Affirming Enduring Conflict

It should come as no surprise that the Government’s strategy, as formally expressed by the President via his primetime address, consists of Expanding Tactical Airstrikes, Arming Insurgents, Tactical Counter-Terrorism & Humanitarian Aid. However, I query, whether as a formal statement of strategy or policy, when hasn’t this been the Gov’ts practice?

In President Obama’s case however there is a significant point to be made and considered; he is quite at ease making speeches and provocative hyperbole, but his challenge is in the area of delivery and in the area of what is now conveniently known as “optics.” Given that Mr. Obama, more and more, exhibits the unmistakable air of indifferent-unwillingness it is more likely that all of this ISIS ballyhoo is nothing more than a Presidential device for addressing his miserable poll numbers and their weight on Democrats at-risk in the upcoming mid-terms.

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Ramping Fear & Strategically-Timed Delay

No one wants to believe that warring (or the policy of active war) could actually be a State Policy; by even making the assertion exposes one to the risk of being named as a non-patriot or even a lunatic and yet the facts speak for themselves.

Since WW1 a great deal of wealth and resources have been apportioned and repositioned and it is accomplished, quite effectively, by managing and manipulating public sentiment. Enter the concept of a Strategically-Timed Delay, the covert strategy of managing a threat-induced response, a mechanism for mobilizing public support by ramping-up their fear-perceptions.

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