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TrumpCare the Hard Way!

Like it or not the President, to the delight of Schumer & Pelosi, now owns Obamacare. Despite our recommendations, Ryan, McConnell & Price have persuaded the Administration to take a different course. Instead of coming out with a plan that directly reconstructs the entire system they’ve decided to run a leveraged approach. Leveraged in the sense that will phase-in their ascent of Mount Obamacare by first presenting a “working” plan in the form of proposed legislation, followed by 3-4 concurrent Bills, principally with the intent of engaging both parties into the consensus-by-amendment process.

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Repeal & Replace; More on What You’re Not Being Told about the Problem!

States who expanded Medicaid are among the key obstacles for dismantling this giant black hole that is Obamacare.

Quick Facts:

(1) Obamacare offered a free ride to States who expanded Medicaid

(2) States took advantage of the 3-year free ride as a tool for dumping their individual Healthcare burdens onto the Feds

(3) The Feds would cover the cost and after the 3-year period the States total exposure, staggered by annual increases, would max out at 10%; so they thought.

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U.S. Congress: Home of the Spineless

Yes, once again the convictions of Congress are a marvel to behold. Last month they passed a Bill fully funding Obamacare and Planned Parenthood and the President happily inked into law.

Today Congress passed a bill aimed at slashing key components of Obamacare and terminating funding for Planned Parenthood all the while knowing that the President will veto the same.

Gelatin for a spine!  Nice work keepers of the Nations character! Shame on the lot of you!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Obamacare Repealing Again? Timing couldn’t be better.

Throw a challenge to the President by not only attempting to repeal key portions of Obamacare, which of course is not a solution, but why not throw in the defunding of Planned Parenthood to make it completely idiotic; just the thing to make the GOP look not-so-elitist and so very conscientious.

The only thing to make this even more predictable would be for the GOP to suggest that Jeb Bush used his Tactical Leadership Skills in a cross-party behind-the-scenes come-to-Jesus-meeting with Harry Reid.

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VA: What’s possible is easily ignored!

The VA budget (since 9/11) has increased by 235% from FY 2001′s $45 billion annual budget to FY 2014′s $150.7 billion; funding isn’t a problem. Firing Eric Shinseki may deflect political heat however convenience-maneuvering is not a solution. Although it is the nature of bureaucracy to self-preserve, efficiency is rarely, if ever, an operational mandate.

The question isn’t about whether Veterans are entitled to the benefit of Care. The VA System should be dedicated to assuring combat Veterans receive the heightened and specialized care they deserve and most certainly not continuing the well-established government policy of waste, fraud and abuse.

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