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The Options of Chaos and the Favor of Outcome

As a facility for control, chaos becomes a tool of leverage and always in direct opposition to your native thought terminally in search of order.  Chaos has a natural alliance with order in the promenade that becomes the viral order of balance. Within the viral order of balance hosts your native thought of being in-service to perpetuating the order of calm and the joy one receives for having done so.

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The Door Swings Both Ways

Careful, don’t let the door hit you on the way “in”; yes in deed, it definitely swings both ways!

The build-up to the election has reached a crescendo all it’s own with one after the other political machine punch-drunk with positionings of various kinds and politicians fatigued by the routine.  I mean, really how many variations is there on the theme “…if you elect me I’ll go to Washington and get the government busy creating jobs and clean out the partisan sewage.”  Selah!

As I’ve said (and written) countless times:

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