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Lone Wolf; another Iconic Illusion!

With each crisis comes the invitation for further expansion of Government powers. Despite the known fact that each of the 9/11 terrorists where known to security agencies we were still rewarded with the Patriot Act and DHS and their various iterations. Over the last year or so the use of the term “Lone Wolf”  has become the latest label for any action that can’t be explained or calibrated within the realm of politically correct bureaucracies.

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Extending the Patriot Act

The answer is, quite simply, no; absolutely no! Somewhere in the mix of alarm, fear and necessity is an illogical and irrational sense of purpose and it’s always retroactive. As with the case of any threat the validity of the same is only ever observed after the fact and all too often used as a tool for a most and far more deceptive threat that has nothing to do with an external force.

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“Circum-Sal-Ation” – A Pandemic Art

Last week I was afforded a wonderful opportunity to share the airwaves with Denny Schaffer, a wonderful host of a vibrant talk show broadcasting on 920 WGKA in Atlanta, Ga.  We were talking about the dismal failure of the Stimulus Bill and the vacuity of the Wall Street Financial Reform Bill which had passed earlier in the day.

Denny’s show became the first public appearance of a new term which I had coined to express what no single word seems capable of doing.  My regular readership will not be particularly surprised by this as I do my own fair share of “wordsmithing.”

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