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Trump’s SOTU January 30, 2018

Trump’s SOTU, instead of being a catalogue of fabulous eccentricities, should be a panoply of congressional failures sourced from the last 30 years. During this portion of the presentation a rotating screen will capture the projected images of those bad actors responsible for these legislative failures including those who have made a career out of bleeding the American Public by remaining in office for more than 2 terms. Trump would serve the interest of the American public best by illustrating how quickly even the best and most promising of his ideas quickly decomposed due to bipartisan compromise or the poisonous elixir of political expedience, a system unwilling to be productive. Trump should include a new SOTU feature which highlights the legislative or meritorious bumbling of Congressional Members including a current year report by the Congressional Ethics Committee. For the inaugural offering might I suggest the illustrious antics of Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Barton, Sen. Graham or Sen. Durbin.

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Electoral College Prevails

It’s a Beautiful thing; a System that protects the democratic process from abuse and ignorance. Whether or not you’re a Trump or an Obama supporter (four or eight years ago), today you’ve witnessed the perfecting function of the Electoral College System.

Yes, it would have been a far more pleasant and affirming outcome had Trump garnered the Nationwide Popular Vote however, let’s be honest, how democratic is a process where one State (California) can effectively nullify the decision of thirty States (those which Trump won)?

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