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Retirement, Social Security & Shifting Paradigms

As Senator Warren (D-Ma) stumbles about the airwaves banking the growth in her political capital as the next great neo-progressive her mantra centers about the same flaw suffered by most that frequent academia or other reality-starved environs. Her perspective is shared by many of the politically anointed suggesting that the way to solve the country’s social and economic problems is, in a nut-shell, to spend more money. The truth of reality is much too painful for most, however the reality is that expecting an expanding harvest from a diminishing yield is only a temporary luxury in the era of simulated realities.

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Refusing Success

It often seems that even ambivalence begets the ambivalent. No?  A thought perhaps best expressed by the simplicity of the following quip: There’s no sense wondering if there will be a positive outcome when none seem to care.

“Teach the willing and they will learn. Inspire the listener and they will engage. Leading a legion charged with expectation becomes quite rewarding; moving the unwilling exhausts the agile mind.

A great symphony of potential surrounds the Created while the Creator stirs the universe with signs of endless reward; yet He leaves all outcomes, certain as the two faces of a coin, to the uncertain processes of ones silent discretions.  Certain as the outcomes may be, still the chosen oft stand unwilling, Refusing Success.”

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Fixing Reterement, Progressive Style!

There is a fundamental flaw in how the Government approaches retirement and, for that matter, just about everything it processes.  Its typical approach is to present a “Presumption of Cause.” This then becomes its means by which it affects a sort of self-endorsement or perceived legitimacy.  It’s purpose then become not the process of perfecting an environment but one whose desire is to simply further control it.   Then,  as we can see throughout the last 110 years of American History,  its ambitions  become unsustainable failures which then triggers its own summary resolution for addressing the problem it creates which is to simply camouflage the foul by executing further errors in judgment.  This is Progressive Government! You doubt this? The Federal Government is not sufficient proof? Then take a look at the State of California, the poster child for self-destructive gluttony.  No good enough?  Look at the History of Argentina, try the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands or Mexico to name a few.  Progressive ideology’s legacy of success!

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The Reinvention of The Rich Lie!

I must confess, I’m confused; I’m looking forward in to a future that seemingly has no sound prospects and, frankly, the conversation that needs to be had, is barely a whisper!  Listening to the Poli-Cor-Speak of the non-economic versed politician, the dearth of coherent strategy is so completely absent,  I believe one could hear mollusk hiccup!

The economic conundrum that the U.S. finds itself has been years in the making and transcends the terms of Administrations of both Parties though the controller of the purse-strings, the U.S. Senate, has largely been Democratic Party controlled for much of the period of malfeasance and under whose supervision, the abuses are the forms most severe.  And, Mr. President, the U.S. is already bankrupt, financially, economically, industrial and political so don’t bother making the threat, it’s far too late!

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Sadim vs Midas Touch

June 1, 2009

Nothing like a good semordnilap to set one straight! Always looking for a new and invigorating way to describe the unexplainable,  I was toying with the word Midas (you know the Ancient Greek known for his skill at turning anything he touched to gold) looking for a unique way to describe the opposite.  I toyed with “Mudus Touch” (turn to mud), “Mitus Touch” (as in dust mites) and so on but then I discovered a word, semordnilap which is palindromes spelled backwards, I had an idea!  How perfect is that? 

“The Sadim Touch”,  everything Sadim touches, it turns to chaos! 

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