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SOTU: The Last Hurrah!

Tonight, President Obama will take his final walk to the speaker’s podium; I expect that he will prescribe a nationwide antidote, his personal assessment of his seven years and the agenda for his last. He will take the opportunity to remind his opponents of their culpability, the nation of its flaws and the world of its dangers.

Meanwhile I’m thinking of two specific reference points: Denver, Co., Invesco Field, August 2008 and the other, President John F. Kennedy. I recall the euphoria and promise of both; Obama accepting the DNC’s nomination, the attendance so massive the event had to be moved from the smaller Pepsi Center. The intoxicating environment fueled by the hope of a people’s hunger; could this truly be the one who could lead a restorative campaign to revitalize a Nation and its representative process?

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ON AIR with Host Mike Miller of WIMA 1150

The Foundations Weekly OnPoint Series continues with Host Mike Miller of 1150 WIMA in Lima, Ohio and Policy Analyst, Curtis Greco. This week features “State of the Union; Lobbing Flaming Herrings!” This vignette appears throughout the week during Michael’s 6-9 a.m. (ET) Show. Ohio’s In-Tune & In-Touch Host, catch him Live in-market or online at www.1150wima.com.

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State of the Union – Dangling Bloody-Carrots

Like no other President before him, Mr. Obama holds the dubious distinction of being the most dynamically deceptive Chief Executive, ever.

Straight from the era of low-grade Alinskyite-intellectuals the order of outcome has never been about driving a positive outcome unless of course one defines the achievement of total dysfunction as an achievable goal. Congress, by design, is intended to be a less-than-efficient regime which aids in controlling extremes however over time, primarily due to long-term career politicians and disinterested public, this less-than-efficient regime has morphed (largely) into a most unconscionable organism.

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State of the Union – A Treatise of Justifications

Americans have come to expect the abuse-of-conflict as a mainstay in the animated culture-of-adversity era where a nation, under the toxic influence of self-loathing airs, preys upon itself. Although clearly not its single source, the Obama Administrations feeds its own (self-loathing) and propagates further hunger with a perverse and preferential form of division so efficiently precise it has become an integral justification for “Why?” and the manner in which this President and his key players operate as they do.

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