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Go Global; Save the Swamp!

Over the years the American Public has had only a few occasions to witness wholesale corruption at the federal level; the occasional Senator, Congressmen, Department Head, Military Personnel or even a President or two.

To some degree, in the age of mass 24/7 media, on one end the Press has made it more difficult to conceal criminal activity however, given the consolidation of this medium’s ownership, fact-finding and truth-telling journalism has given way to the power of sensationalism. Depending on what side of the political fortress you stand, the end of your promising future (and the truth), or escaping a jail cell may only be a matter of a 15 second sound-bite or 140 characters away.

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A Certain Future!

My first encounter with the Clintons dates all the way back to the days of Madison Guaranty, a failed Savings & Loan, and the Arkansas Redevelopment Agency;. It was clear then that this pair was an entirely new breed of miscreant; void of candor, integrity and shameless in their disregard for the public trust expected, by the public, of their elected officials.

Then, as now, their ability to overcome even the most basic in lapses of judgement to the most extreme is an avoidance of fate that no ordinary public official or private citizen would ever survive. Even more bizarre are the cases where people of normally sound judgement and intellectual capacity lose their powers of discernment notwithstanding the overwhelming body of facts; perhaps it’s a sort of Clinton Mystique-Induced Dementia.

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