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Buy American-Hire American

Strange how a concept such as this must be sold to Congress and to the American People; one would think this an obvious concept.

Far worse is that the U.S. Congress, specifically the Senate, is the greatest offender of all as you need only review the various Trade-Agreements the U.S. Senate has signed-off on.

Being ignorant is no defense for being complicit or cannibalistic. Still, like most errors, this mess can be fixed, but it will require a significant reformation of the U.S. Tax Code and lowering Corporate Tax Rates is simply not enough.

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Trump Shelves TPP

As a tool for encapsulating China, in practical terms, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a paper-tiger and China has long-proven itself selective as to its devotion to international law; for the Chicoms piracy is a practice not a prohibition. As a consumer of U.S. Jobs, TPP is no immediate threat. The U.S. Governments suspension of domestic job creation was previously accomplished thru the implementation of the GATT/WTO, NAFTA & CAFTA Treaties.

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Trump Tie Talk; a Clintonian Hypocrisy

Taking a bite out of Trump has become quite a show and why not, for a businessman turned presidential candidate he’s a veritable cornucopia of targets. In his world, where success or failure is deeply personal and carries with it a particularly steep gradient, consequence is inescapable and it matters in ways the Political Spore rarely if ever faces; ever.

In business when you fail it’s immediate and personal whereas in the Political arena, when people die, go bankrupt, programs fail or go grotesquely over budget you simply change topics while the consequential scaring persists and simply becomes a part of the many before that are now anonymous.

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The Forgotten Novelty of Global Hillary

At some point over the last 30 years I committed the following phrase to memory: “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Whether the phrase is appropriately attributed to Dale Carnegie, Mary Wollstonecraft or Samuel Butler is its own challenge, nonetheless its message is the overriding point; it’s tough to re-convince an individual who remains convinced, and yet this truth is by no means an obstacle keeping me from attempting to do just that.

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Trade Agreements & Political Half-Truths

Did you know that the last time the U.S. had a “Trade Surplus” ($12.4 Billion) was 1975?  By 2015 the Federal Trade Deficit, for just Fiscal Year 2015, was $539.8 Billion. Did you know that since 1992, when the WTO (Trade Treaties) was passed and thru Fiscal Year-End 2015 the Cumulative Trade Deficit was $10.2 Trillion and over the same period Federal Debt increased by $14.1 Trillion?

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