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GOP Bill Hurrah! Not So Fast!

In the end, success or failure of the GOP Tax Reform depends on five key prospects:

(1) Whether or not the effort (the new/modified Tax Code) sufficiently incentivizes Business to invest in domestic capacity. Which,

(2) will then triggers, it is hoped, a massive surge in domestic economic activity including employment and wage increases. The result of which,

(3) it is believed will generate an incoming flood of Tax Revenues which can then be used to,

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GOP San Trump

Watch closely (Fox Debate), without Trump on the stage, with the exception of Paul and possibly Christie, they will have no force pushing them away from the same old elitist mind-numbing convention of mediocre elitism.

Just enough to get us noticed however, well short of what’s required to be and different than what presently exists. So much to accomplish, so little desire.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Trump Remains an Unresolved Problem for GOP

Predicting that the GOP would resolve to Clintonesque Attack Strategies was inevitable and we stated so back in May of 2015. That there would be a move by existing Republic Officeholders to press an anti-Trump footing was also guaranteed and this is simply due to the risk of losing GOP Funding or endorsements required for their re-election.

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