The Feckless & The Shill

There is no disguise sufficient in its form which can survive a lie or claim regard for truth where there is none; why else the need for a disguise if only to distract the masses until such time as their interests and attentions fade.

Disguises serve many purposes in prose, theater, war and politics the latter being their own theatrical exhibition. The tale of the Greeks entry into the city of Troy is a metaphor for the perfect disguise, the Trojan Horse, and the operative purpose being: to gain entry. 

In the case of overwhelming superiority, whether by physical force in the company of its compliment of arms or in the case of the most effective force of all, the Intellect of Truth (principle), a need for a disguise dissolves rather quickly as hubris (the rhetoric of force) rarely considers the method as a tool and of course Principle is repulsed by the idea of it. Entry is merely the breach of a barrier; either physical or the domain of the conscience. Conquest of influence either by force or by the appeal, in the case of Principle, of reason relies principally on the abstract ideals of one’s sense of probity and higher purpose; each being the causal force. 

Now then, let us draw the curtain and allow the Feckless and the Shill their day in the sun. Both are week- minded, ineffective and indolent by nature relying on the other for whatever purpose or ambition appeals to them. The Feckless is prone to using the Shill as their compact Trojan Horse for many reasons of course however they routine trends toward the apocryphal, the divisive and inauthentic; to disguise a lie or false argument or as George Orwel stated:

“Political language…is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” 

All of which begs one to question: If the position asserted be faithful and reliable why the need for the article of divisiveness?  Surely we have not degenerated to the point where we are unable to discern between polar opposites; unless of course one finds opposition to the faithful and reliable favorable to their own device; which of course proves the point. 

The point of all this is to frame the boundaries of our current climate; specifically the political. The Political Animal, the supremely feckless, is wholly dependent on the shill and they are everywhere. Unable or unwilling to rest their position on its merits or its principle they seek the shelter of the shill and in these instances the form takes many shapes and contours.   

The Presidents entire regime of thought is cloaked in numerous defects and his political ideology is saturated with the device the most recent example being the Ms. Fluke contraceptive issue, the Occupy Wall Street Agenda, the Geo. Soros regime and is most favored wedge of all: social, economic and political class warfare. 

Congress applies the same routine in their seemingly indispensable allegiance to the rhetoric of all that’s Partisan; perhaps the greatest shill of all. 

Government, in general, (and I use this term as it crosses party lines and administrations) applies the regiment of “for the good of the people” or “the greater good” as means to anesthetize the public while they busy themselves propagating wildly extravagant, biased and destructive legislative agendas none of which the Public requests or, a more frequent occurrence, despite overwhelming public opposition.  

In the domain of our national economy the process occurs quite the same whether it be in monetary policy, tax policy, free-market processes or spending policy. The falsities conveyed are pluralities of contradictions the most conspicuous being the Bail-Out of the Auto Industry and of Wall Street and the legislative promulgations that have seeped into the lexicon of political theology. The simple reason for their feckless resolve is that they too are built and rely upon the shill-theology. 

The Judicial regime is not exempt either and the Trojan-premise resides here as well and it is known by the name of Judicial Tyranny and the legal premise of Stare Decisis; the continuous use of a legal assumption that is neither tested, constitutionally, but merely presumed. When you make the rules you self-entitle and thus preserve your right to do so; this becomes the face of judicial tyranny.  

The GOP Candidates, as well, are not immune; McCain-Feingold provides the fabulous camouflage of the Super-Pacs where Candidates can conceal themselves behind a process and immunize themselves from the plague they’ve fertilized. They are equally culpable and the proof lies simply in the truth; they continue to engage in the fire-bombing of their adversaries and why you might ask. Simply, because they are unable to project a faithful and reliable agenda and if there were to be a bust cast for representing the iconic form of this defect it would bear the likeness of Mitt Romney; in my opinion a Trojan Horse the likes of which not seen since Ross Perot.   

The routine of The Feckless & The Shill make it all seem so perfectly faithful and reliable and this occurs, primarily, because the Public applies their own authentic sense of the faithful and reliable to the argument this routine of thought projects; all the while completely unaware that it is a Trojan lie. Mix in a dose of apathy, fear and anxiety and you have a willing consensus. 

You’ve only to will the Public’s mind; filled with fear and deprivation you can drag them to your cause with ease! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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