The Irony of All Ironies

“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.”

Mayer A. B. Rothschild is always a fabulous source for illustrating the hubris of monetary militarist; he is, after all, the archetypical master of the regimes ideology.  To truly understand the nature of this Nation’s greatest crisis to date one will have to grasp the significance of this statement. One of the greatest ironies, if not perhaps The Irony of All Ironies, is the truth of what this comment has to say about our own Nation. The ideology that feeds the monetary militarist is so structurally pervasive and so affectively imbedded within our political and economic cultures that it is now seemingly inseparable; it may even be a fait accompli.

“The U.S. and much of the non-productive global economy operate within and about a monetary system funding the entire process by printing and exchanging of money based on a value in does not possess and on a promise it can never hope to keep.”

The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was a direct response by the Federal Government in an attempt to excise speculative routines from the Banking and Financial System.  It is no abuse of reason to suggest that every financial regulation since, including but not limited to the Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform Act, was dedicated by design to undo its positive influences and to insure further abuses. Whether in the S&L Crisis of the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s, the Junk-Bond Schemes that created fabulous wealth for the likes of Presidential Candidate Romney, the Mortgage Crisis that finds its root cause in the Carter Administration and the illustrious Community Reinvestment Act or the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 that opened the door for normalization of open-season speculation of a seemingly endless supply of derivative (type) instruments we find evidence of deliberate pandering to an economic model that creates nothing, exchanges noting and invests in nothing. Anticipating a challenge I will simply suggest that before you voice one, ask yourself a simple question: Can you name one sustaining economic success attributed to any of these?  No, it simply is not possible.

What may be even more ironic is that S&P, the Rating Agency equivalent of a drive-thru medical marijuana dispensary, impaled the credit rating of the very institution that it lobbied in support of aid, now nearing $13 Trillion in various guarantees, for Wall Street.  Now if this is not a rapacious form of irony I will struggle in perpetuity to find one more extreme.

As the political season continues to accelerate on and in to what will be increased levels of predictable ignorance, politicians must not be allowed to escape one of many fundamental truths and it is my hope that the electorate will force the issue beyond the mediocre “Americans need jobs” commentary: The U.S. is not at risk for a Depression, it is in the merely in the early stages of an Economic Depression and quickly moving toward a Social Crisis that will eclipse that of the oft referred 1930’s Depression and here are just a few of the reasons:

  1. Absentee Leadership and Moral Authority at all levels of Government.
  2. Federal and State Debt Load is irreconcilable and unsolvable by any existing revenue source.
  3. Public demands for Government services whether in subsidies, entitlements or direct assistance are far in excess (and growing) of actual U.S. Economic output.
  4. Government continues to orientate, as their primary solution, a policy response that consists of deb-funded spending, increasing tax burden on Individuals or both.
  5. Government is attuned toward militarism as an economic response and thus easily drifts toward global intervention masquerading as humanitarian aid also financed by debt-funded spending. And lastly, for now,
  6. Political Activism has reached the pinnacle of Practical Detachment where Politicians no longer see the role of government as inseparable from their constitutional stewardship.

President Clinton, shortly after his first inauguration, perfectly expressed the sentiment of the Über-Statist as follows:

“We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary American.”

There is no happy medium to rely upon, there is no quid pro quo in the pursuit of freedom and liberty and there most certainly is no compromise or half-baked nitwitedness-in-the-making of partisanship quackery; it is a ruse, it is a malignant form of intellectual pornography, it is a lie sworn to be upheld sparing no expense or life in the process and if the American People ever hope to redeem their country then they will need to wake up and come to realize that the aroma is not freshly brewed coffee or some other government handout you’ve become accustomed to, no it’s only the scent of a hemp rope being tied around your neck!

The other irony of course comes in the form of presidential elections; rest assured that there will be a next President, rest assured as well that it will be an individual duly elected by a process that will ultimately present the public with one of the only two choices made available and no American should be particularly thrilled with a process that delivers an occupant to the White House that is anything but inspiring.

What this Country is in desperate need of is a Leader, one that is drawn exclusively to the preservation of the U.S. Constitution, one that has a firm grasp on Economic and Financial Fundamentals and one that is willing to lead the American People headlong in to a strategic campaign dedicated to restoring these fundamentals and to oppose any influences who present themselves in opposition to the same.  Some may find these words imply an element of exclusion or divisiveness and I will simply say not so!  It is clear that the alternate view to what is suggested here has given us what we now have and I think it is about time that we reformulate to a strategy and construct that leads to success and abandon the proven strategies that are moving us ever closer to third-world parity and further loss of our individual rights.

From the man who gave us “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” speak also had a firm grasp of the core elements in the Irony of All Ironies:

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

Although Roosevelt expressed this conflict in correspondence with Colonel E. Mandell (1933) understand that Roosevelt had no problem with availing his Administration with the resources and influence of said “financial element” and he did so with regularity. The price Roosevelt was willing to pay was in the financial windfall these very interests accumulated through open access to Legislative Entitlement which he endorsed and Congress willingly provided; the free-for-all continues to this very day. The American Public is only just beginning to see and feel the price of free and it remains to be seen if the People are sufficiently willing to abandon a process and ideology that has so effectively indoctrinated a Nation with a philosophical poison.

“Our people face a most difficult challenge one that will require courage and character in the extreme; first to face the individual and collective failure of having licensed their own demise and then to avoid the temptation that has given life to all tyrannical regimes. This occurs when a people, faced with the rigors of freedoms pursuit, choose instead to surrender to a voice who claims to be a Savior when in truth they are nothing more than a predator.”

I admonish all Americans to pay very close attention to the 2012 Election Cycle and observe how little deference is paid to offering solutions or at the very least, a relevant discussion as to the structural issues. Politicians will, aided by the media, do everything possible to avoid direct contact with substance and everything within their power to engage the public on issues that have absolutely nothing to do with substantive outcome.  As we’ve written and promoted throughout our writings, the Public MUST engage in the process of Expressing Influence as this is the only viable mechanism for opposing a bias that is distinctly adverse to your own sovereign and unalienable rights.

The Presidency of the United States has been the single most influential position in the world not because of the office itself but more so because the Office is so easily accessed as a mechanism for expressing adverse influence. It is for this reason that Americans, by all means, should vote for the best possible option made available for the Presidency but you will only be able to directly Express Your Influence through those you elect to Congress, Governorships, as Attorney Generals and your State Legislatures; these Individuals are your only real access to what will ultimately define what will be a certain future.

If your interests are truly dedicated toward an outcome that is indeed historically remarkable then you will want to read each of the three Volumes in The Blind-Vision Series – 2nd EditionWe Hold These Truths, Value Given, Value Received and Valor in Prosperity.  Admittedly these are not writings that will entertain the reader, they are not written to coerce the reader away from the realities of life by anesthetizing you in salacious imagery or intrigue; they are however deliberately intended to engage the reader by way of historical significance, the exposing of deliberate devise, economic fundamentals, policy failures and ultimately mechanism for reformulating an entire nation. As predictable as it may seem and I readily acknowledge the risk of self-endorsement, nonetheless I assure you there is no contemporary effort that comes close to what is achieved in these three volumes.  I am regularly asked, “What can we do?” and my answer is always the same; Americans need to equip themselves with knowledge so that one is prepared to act with a decided advantage.  The Series is by far the best first step in the process and we are running out of time.

In the final analysis whatever the outcome will be – and I assure you there will be an outcome – it will be the American People who will be the ultimate voice; either it will be a voice that speaks of purpose and character or it will be the voice of silent ambivalence.  Yes, in the end it will be a matter of choice and that precisely as it should be;  yours or there’s!

“We are forever burdened by the unknown good intrusive government silences.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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