The Obama Factor

March 16, 2009

For the last eighteen months I’ve been satisfying a profound curiosity by studying, researching and reading all things Obama.  The man fascinates me!  I’m intrigued by the way his cabal has been able to mastermind his ascension to the Throne. Truly remarkable!

Not to ignore the fact that with reference to all things sane, salient and substantively providential, I find him the complete antithesis of each.

His ethos emulates great social antagonists of the past/present.  The list is quite large, here are a few and the most conspicuous:

  • Caligula
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Frederick Engels
  • P. Joseph Goebbels
  • John Maynard Keynes
  • Saul Alinsky

To name any of his contemporaries would be to give them a degree of recognition they clearly don’t deserve.

Mr. Obama shares many tactical similarities with the above individuals among these being: 

  • Chameleon-like nature.
  • Hedonistic
  • Misanthropic
  • Populates an “inner circle” of weaker, like-minded, subordinates.
  • Ego-centric
  • Tactical strategy centers on the ideal of “overwhelm the senses with distortions” to destabilize the opposition.
  • Practical ideology can be defined and redefined to contort to a specific intention.
  • Social Order can be reformulated by attacking and destabilizing social norms.
  • Influence is gained by adopting or cloaking intensions which enable the subversion of the opposition thru or by any means necessary.
  • Practitioners of the prevarication art form.  The moral is there are no morals. 
  • Gain support by providing the People what they want then control it.
  • Subscribers to the “Goebbels-ideal”: “…a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.” 

To be sure, as the American Culture has deteriorated, we can look back, through the luxury of hind-sight, and clearly see many of these practices employed by various presidents.   Yet, to my study and knowledge, I have yet to see all of these so efficiently compiled and orchestrated by one Man. As the supreme evolution of all things pelagian and divisive, he reigns supreme. 

Notice how he and his regime selectively and strategically affect these concepts.  Here are few examples in no particular order: 

  • Identifies himself with selective policies and practices of previous Presidents yet assails there “administrations” as being the cause for “…the failures and biased practices of the past.”
  • He makes profoundly poetic recitation on the virtues of America yet apologies and reviles the principals whose practice were the product of these very virtues.
  • He venerates the Christian heritage of the Nation, yet he lacks the courage of his Muslim faith to openly profess it instead choosing the cover of the Bigot Rev. Wright.  But, give him time,  you will see a Muslim postage stamp before years end.
  • He appeals to the addicted-population by providing the illusion of job-creation and expanded Government programs.
  • He speaks of bi-partisan necessity and conceals his directives beneath the hem-line of his operative, Nancy Pelosi.
  • He speaks of populist ideals such as transparency yet cloaks the avarice of elitism with the veil of selective administrative appointments.
  • He configures and strategically stages appearances to assert his dominance as the consummate master of all things and all dominions.
  • He delights in the crafting of rhetoric that restates a previously held position on the surface simultaneously redefining how those positions will now be defined. 

I understand the euphoria of the unaware are still dosed with the elixir and residual intoxication that compelled your stupor of blind allegiance and as such, these comments may appear transparently malignant.  In time, I promise, you will see them for what they are; A simple restatement of the obvious. 

To redefine is to both submit to the new interpretation and to render all that is contrary to your motive, irrelevant!  In what way, then, does one redefine “conviction”? 

Let the passage of time be the ultimate arbitrator, with this thought in mind, here are a few prognostications of and for indicators of what I predict will be an “overwhelming assault” on of what will now be seen as, pagan American Ideals: 

  1. Further expansion of Government in to the private sector.  This will occur primarily as the Government becomes the financial backer of various industries.
  2. Insistence the Government Run Health Care is the only answer.
  3. Government action/intervention is necessary to make the U.S. competitive (code word for “integrated”) in the Global Economy.
  4. Obama will increasingly position himself as a Supreme Commentator on all Global Issues.
  5. Obama will position the U.S. as a subservient and “rogue” Nation.
  6. Obama will expose the U.S. to greater threat as he will silently and deliberately defer U.S. security interests to the interests integral to his Muslim Faith.
  7. The results of this (#6) will be that the U.S. military forces will experience increasingly devastating encounters in the Middle-East and wherever similar threats exist.
  8. The U.S. Government will move to suspend or otherwise limit the expressions of Christian Faith.  This will include further vilification of faith-based organizations and by default greater positioning of Statism and subversive Government integration.  It is quite possible that we might even see the first signs of restricted expressions of information and dissemination over Government Controlled “airways” and “medium”.
  9. The RNC (Republican Party) will increasingly be disabled and quietly merge to “left of center”.  What will emerge will be the threat of a 3rd party that will be assailed as “right wing extremism”.
  10. Unemployment will exceed 20% though the Government will re-orientate the measuring-practice to lessen the appearance of the systemic failure.
  11. States will continue to fall in to financial disarray with the Federal Government (via the Federal Reserve) insuring State fiscal restructuring.  The result is the complete vaporization of what remained of the 10th Amendment.
  12. The Stock Market will continue it’s bumbling toward oblivion and will increasingly become irrelevant and increasingly seen as a Financial Artifact, however, the financial fabrications will continue. 
  13. Bank failures will continue.  It’s inevitable.  When debt becomes the creator and evidence of wealth,  it ultimately feeds from the inside out.
  14. There will be an increased move to eliminate the U.S. Dollar as the global reserve currency.  Look for China to be the fulcrum of this move.  Gold will increase its visibility as a “hedge against inflation” which, although a complete fraud, is a functional and efficient method for absorbing massive quantities of U.S. Currency and Debt.  The usually inconspicuous IMF will begin to express an increased level of authority on currency issues.
  15. The U.S. Economy will continue to suffer as more and more Industry stalls and closes its doors.  The result of this will be the increased and ultimate disintegration of the once might U.S. Economic Engine.  The locusts will move in and you will beg for the scraps from the table that you once owned.  You can, actually,  thank George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton for this one.
  16. As the Government struggles with the Social and Economic conflagration, they will move ever further away from functional and restorative practices opting only for the will of the convenient and expedient.
  17. Obama will “force” amnesty for all illegal aliens and you will not be able to stop if form happening.
  18. The U.S. Government, and most of the States, will increasingly be exposed for their fiscal, legislative and moral ineptitude. Easily manipulated by the dominance of the elite-party positionings, there will be no functional opposition to any legislation or regulator actions further detaching the People from their once sacred “inalienable rights”.  The grip of the lecherous becomes a vise! 

I understand, again, these points may be seen as absurd, the truth of the matter is this:  much of what I outline above is already occurring. Unfortunately, most of us simply are so affectively engaged in “practical-detachment” that we pay no mind which of course,  is precisely what the concept of “overwhelming” directs. 

Here’s the good new and there is lots of it!  All of these “predictions” will, most likely, occur however, unless you are willing to walk merrily over the cliff, there is still Providential Law in affect, even John McCain and Arlen Specter will be unable to “flip” this one! 

In the end, there is the Idea of America that will last no matter the interests of the opposition.  I believe in these Ideals, I believe they are eternal and as such, even Mr. Obama will ultimately fall to their supremacy!  Yes, the like of Charlie Rangel, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Harry Reid, Orrin Hatch, Arlen Specter and so on, will face the consequence as well. However, I suspect they will see themselves as “victims”. They can’t help themselves, though I truly wish they would. 

No, I don’t wish them ill-will at all, in fact I pray for them, each and every one, that they will stop for a moment and consider the consequences of their actions and the affects they are having on the People they are charged to represent. My hope is that they will move away from their present focus and perfect, instead, the ideals expressed by our Founding Documents. 

I suggest you pray for them too!  It appears, more and more, that nothing in your life could be more important!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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