The Singularity of Duplicity:

“The schism of disorder accelerates as the masses anchor their preferences to clever constrictions of fate; the prowess of one whose deceptions create the bar, none dare challenge. Why is not the question where malevolence deceives.

There’s a peculiar form of comfort where the low bar exists and it’s difficult to concede to the truth even with the inevitable outcome known. The mass of victims continues to prefer victimhood so long as they remain in the comfort of others seeking a similar fate. This is the contemptuous nature of the great deception; where comfort and convenience exist in the company of others whose single greatest fear is the risk of having to accept that the illusion they regard so fondly is equally all consuming.

When one surrounds themselves with a measure of reason that has no reason at all, this illicit form of comradery becomes intoxicating as it’s paired with a relentlessness that is, itself, quite predatory. It’s quite reasonable to understand why the mood is so vehemently defensive given how inviting non-achievement becomes particularly when the standard remains subliminal; it is, after all, a form of self-imposed torture.

The dark reasoning is then quite easily understood when one realizes that the driving force makes it far easier to remain within and protect the deception and for one very simple and tragic reason: how bad can I be when I view so many far worse than me; to avoid my own ignorance I shall defend against what light reveals in the comfort and company of my chosen darkness.”

This missive describes the singularity of duplicity; to protect and advance a motive based simply on the fear that if one fails to participate they then risk exposing their own predatory complicity. In the end this strange form of hazing will continue until we realize there’s nothing to gain by allowing it to do so.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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