Trump Address: Dem’s Lost the Message!

Trump delivered a speech that was extraordinary. Focused on a unifying message evenly laced with significant policy issues; reducing the inefficiencies and size of government, curing the healthcare dilemma, infrastructure development, economic revitalization and tax reform all of which balanced upon the fulcrum of one dominant and underlying theme, Jobs.

Understanding the significance of these points, all once iconic attendants to the Democratic Banner, anyone who watched the President’s speech witnessed how truly lost the Democratic Party line has become. As the camera panned the chambers the divisive behavior of the Democrats was on display from the scowl of Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings, the impish facial narratives of Liz Warren and all the way down to the low-slung harlequins, the suffragettes.

The only cognitive attachment the Democrat’s demonstrated was clearly not to the National Issues and the solutions each require or the mainstream (and not the progressive-fanatic left) that either voted for Trump or felt betrayed by the pandering lunacy of Clinton/Sanders and didn’t vote at all.

True, Trumps speech was purposely short on details, but understand that his speech was directed at the American Public for one specific reason: To make it clear that the Trump Agenda was focused on resurrecting the Country in key and specific areas that not-a-one could reasonably object and to make it clear that any elected official who does not come to the table and participate in the solution is obstructing an outcome that benefits all Americans. Unlike his predecessor, President Obama who made it clear that “elections have consequences” and closed the door on joint participation – unless of course you didn’t challenge him, Trump made it clear that he expected full participation, by both sides, in the process.

The Democrats, last night, lost the message and moved further down the road toward a hole that might very well take the Party multiple decades to climb out of. Moving further to the left of what they’ve done under the Obama Administration is clearly not a course correction any more than mediating down to the lowest possible common denominator yields a positive outcome.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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