William Jefferson Clinton Painting with a Blow-Torch!

Few people can deliver a script better than Bill; complete with the ever sincere and deeply devout lower-lip overbite the man can charm the venom out of a Mojave Rattlesnake.

Hillary, on the other hand, while she clearly hasn’t nary a gnat’s hair follicle of oratory skill she can stare-down an elephant of its tusks leaving this pachyderm spellbound to a belief that its loss is a mere illusion set upon it by some overpowering fantasy-truth. 

I know these people; all the way back to Billary’s days in Little Rock and they are, I witnessed first-hand, meticulous in their illusory skill-set; truly masterful. The day may be different but it’s still the same old Bill only this time he’s running cover for Hillary.

These folks have been self-bred for collective bureaucracy. They’ve made a life of it, they’ve mastered the co-dependency mentality necessary to thieve from it. They know how to sell it and most importantly they’ve created a body of followers who are no longer capable of understanding that they’ve been trapped by it. 

If these points alone aren’t worthy of your admiration then consider this; they’ve proven their mastery illustrated by the fortune they’ve made from it. Bless their little hearts…the little rascals!   

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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