WiNiP – Scores of Unwilling v5.11a

What I Noticed in Passing…. 

Tired and fatigued, sometimes beaten, bruised and grieving; he is a soldier, weary and withered. In search of courage he lies tepid beneath the shroud of the uncertain, the unseen and the unspoken. Rigid in his form he is transfixed within his lair whilst the storm consumed with rage blusters about the land. 

He speaks though no one dare listen for fear might further breach the void of silence and none shale be forgiven. “What is this form appearing so I do not see? What form of shackle binds which is not visible to me? I sit here in the company of a torment dire and wet whilst I waste beneath the refuse of doubt and vile regret. Is there to be but one dry and free who yet remains? One who is shall strike to fuse with all our longing and illuminate the unseen?”     

There are many such encampments. They lie in solitary repose, soldiers continue on in search of company with others who share the very same torment. It would seem as if there are scores of the unwilling appearing as if to be suspended by an overwhelming sense that all that may be worthwhile is the same as having been lost; that none but they are tired and fatigued, sometimes beaten, bruised and grieving. And so they wait the scores of unwilling suspended and anonymous by a lustful and brooding fear; he is a soldier, weary and withered. 

“One who is shall strike to fuse with all our longing and illuminate the unseen?” Why cede to chance an outcome in favor of your life when sacred is persistence amidst the specter of the ruse we label strife? Fear is not the icon which appears to languish long, it cedes its form quite quickly at the moment we choose to move beyond. 

Who is the soldier, weary and withered? It is, as I observe, both a what and a who; the what being the sacred ideal that constitutes the perfect design and intention that is in evidenced, the very being that is who you are.  It is the very solemn and noble virtue that lies back of the concept that is integral to all that has purpose, all that has intention and all that has outcome. You are inviolable, you are not severable and you most certainly are not voidable. You are the pure and perfect essence that lies behind those things We Hold To Be True and precisely expressed by the following: 

Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be expressed!” 

The consequence of violating these ideals is also expressed, wonderfully, in this way; 

“We are forever burdened by the unknown good tyranny, in all its forms, silences!” 

We are a people inextricably bound by these Ideals, they are in our charter as a Nation yet there is a construct even greater than this; they exists in our conscience, they reside there by intention, they speak to each of us in the battle ground of our hearts, our minds and our souls. They can no sooner be exempted from the cause of your life as could be the very beating of your heart.  And so, 

“Why cede to chance an outcome in favor of your life when sacred is persistence amidst the specter of the ruse we label strife?” 

We, as a people, face what appears to be overwhelming issues that might otherwise dwarf a lesser front and it is true, others might very well be inclined to retire in the company of their fears and become companioned by the scores of unwilling, but not you, not the soldier, the weary and withered

We are not finished! There is still work to be done in fulfilling the promise implicit in our Ideals.  To surrender is to deny those who have come and gone before us who fought for a cause whose value was often at the cost of their lives. NO, No, no there is no turning back! We are A Cause Worth Perfecting! 

So Stand4 A Cause Worth Perfecting¸ Stand 4th and Be Heard! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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