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Curtis Greco visits with Pat Campbell of KFAQ

Just as expected! With a rapier-like command of issues, Pat Campbell was not only a fabulous host, he brings to the “air waives” a powerful willingness to tackle tough issues! We enjoyed the pace and the dialogue! We’d welcome the opportunity to do it again! Catch the “re-cast” here!

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Michael Patrick Shiels Interviews Founder Curtis Greco

 Syndicated host Michael Patrick Shiels commands the Michigan market for good reason, he’s sharp! Yet another “advanced-curve thinker” willing to deliver for his audience. We enjoyed the time with him and look forward to doing it again! Catch the “re-cast” here!

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Troy Derengowski of WHON 930, Richmond, In. interviews Founder and Author, Curtis Greco

Troy Derengowski! What a fabulous host moving a critical message! Insightful, crisp and most importantly, he’s passionate about the future of America! His audience is very, VERY fortunate!  Catch the “re-cast” here.

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Charlie, Ernie & Lisa of WVMT NEWS-Talk 920 AM, Burlington, Vt. Interview Founder & Author, Curtis Greco

What a dynamic Trio-of-Talent – willing to push the boundaries of discourse! Once again, a great opportunity for TIMF to be “on air” teasing a conversation that needs to be had! Next time, I want to hear what Lisa has to say! Catch the “re-cast” here.

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The Defiance of Ignorance, Again!


The Golden State is once again demonstrating the pervasiveness of a terminal disease and the unwillingness to accept a fundamental truth: There is always an “end”!  Ignorance in governance is dangerous largely due to yet another simple truth: Ignorance is always ignorant of its ignorance!

The current case in point relates to the resurgence of the Nexus Internet Commerce Tax upon which the State of California is pressing forward.  It is the State Legislature’s plan to force web-based enterprises to remunerate, regardless of their domicile (State), sales tax revenues assessed on transaction originating from “sites” based in California. For a more details review of this particular subject take a look at Andrew Breitbarts  article on the matter.

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