5 Years of Stimulus

A non-market approach to a market-based defect has become a standard component of government economic protocols the rippling consequences of which voids the corrective-effect of market forces creating instead unsustainable financial hazards. In real world terms this truant theology can be seen thru the lens of the U.S. Economy which now requires perpetual government stimulus in order to persist at its sub-orbital standards of predation.

Understand that the U.S. does not practice free-market economics preferring instead the malignant effects of capitalism; the creation of monetary-deists who, fearing free-market competition and the tensions performance mandate, orchestrate collusive metrics to their advantage.

How successful is all of this? You decide: $1 in 1970 today is worth approx. 16 cents (514% rate of inflation). In 1970 the productive component of U.S. GDP was approximatley 62.3%; as of 4th QTR 2013 it was 29.7%. In 1970 the Federal Debt was $371 Billion; 4th QTR 2013 it was $17.3 Trillion (that’s a factor of 45.8 over 1970 while the growth in GDP, over the same period, was a mere 13.2) but then again, who’s counting?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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