A Choice of Futures

“Another moment passes by and I wonder; is it time which passes in the moment or is it we who pass through what appears to be time? It matters not I suppose if in the end all suspends to nothing yet I suspect there is so much more to what is supposed and imagined that we never see. I believe it in these things which are not seen we become aware of what there is to know.  

Tease the realm of what is perspective and then wonder if what is seen is but imaginings of a conscience that has no form, felicity or feature. Staring at the hand extending is the image one imagines as a thought which now appears; she silently speaks fist and it forms, write and it records, strike and it does, grasp and it grips, feel and it shudders, love and it does not move.” 

A good soliloquy is often a marvelous way to get a point across though frequently one can spend more time trying to figure out its message and forget that the greater element of the exercise is that the reader gets to decide it all for themselves.  As a matter of fact, this particular piece exposes the point quite nicely: I believe it in these things which are not seen we become aware of what there is to know. 

We all have the ability to choose what we think, do or say and we can imagine all sorts of things in our creative mind however there are two distinct elements one cannot truly imagine until they actually occur: Outcome and Emotion. True, you can imagine outcome and emotion but you can never truly record, experience or measure either until they actually move beyond the domain of thought. 

All of this relates to my personal observations relating to the maze of political-speak that is the talk of our time. Much chatter about various conflicts and challenges and the copious amounts of time and energy postulating over intentions and possible outcomes. Spurious accusations and apocryphal ambitions over war in the Middle-East, Economic Collapse, Financial Disorder, Budget Disputes, Fiscal Malfeasance and the list goes on and on.  But the truth is that all of these things are deliberate imaginings of our political culture all used and abused for various purposes and each for their own reasons. 

I believe it is to the bias and inevitable conflict that arise when the polarity of motives are at odds over what is to be, in effect, the outcome of A Choice of Futures.  After all, we do know well of the fundamental barriers implicit in our present conflicts:

  • Government in excess always suspends individual liberty.
  • War is only ever the preference of adverse interests.
  • True affluence, in practice, has no bias as it understands that true wealth seeds prosperity. It is not selective.
  • Political disputes occur not because there is no beneficial outcome deferential to the Peoples Will, the political dispute occurs because it cannot be reconciled to components of principle integral to deferential action.
  • Freedom is not just defined by the ability to choose, it is also the Liberty to expand the boundaries of what becomes of choice.
  • Action is the only real measure of what one defines as their intention.  

Much of what we see going on in the political arena is only the staging of the ever-present false-political option masquerading as faithful political intention and to observe the conspicuous truth of this statement one has only to consider the following few examples: 

  • U.S. involvement in Global Policing is not because of a global threat whose target are the defenseless Americans, it is the allure of global political and economic control the Elite are targeting.
  • Political divisiveness at all levels of Government is not a discussion on refining what become best practice in the cause of freedom and liberty, it is nothing more than the conflict of selective bias in search of the means to perfect their ambitions that we observe.
  • The various Budget, Financial and Debt-Level disputes are not in search of viable outcome, instead they are disputes over who will survive politically and that outcome defines what is viable. 

It is truly A Choice of Futures is it not?  It seems however that the choices of what constitutes the possible options, at the moment, do not include those which serve the Ideals akin to that which serves the People of this Country interests and for that matter, much of the globe. Despite all the talk about Tea Party and related advocates who espouse themselves as a viable source toward reformation, the truth of it that with no sound mechanism for attracting the many about a common ideal it seems that my predictions for a derailed-intention for these movements will ultimately prevail though to be sure, I pray this will not be the case.  

There is hope and I believe I discovered a truly unique forum which I delight in directing your attention to; one that offers a distinctly and potentially powerful alternative to the present Choice of Futures. I have never, until now, lent whatever influence I might possess to an organization largely because I find most ambiguous and easily prone to disfigurement.  Because of the nature and structure of how this entity was formed, I find it holding great promise in what I refer to as A Cause Worth Perfecting. I believe there is now a viable mechanism for an Alternative Choice of Futures that possesses, fundamentally, deference to the Will of the People. 

The organization to which I refer is Buy Back America (BBA) and can be found online at www.BuyBackAmerica.com. BBA is the product of a truly remarkable man, Tim Aalders, whose life mirrors that of many American who have been victimized by the adverse-consequences of selective-bias whose effects have produced what has become the new-reality for most Americans: Economic, Political and Social Depravity.   

What marks the measure of this man’s character is witnessed first hand by his courage to step-up, stand-out and ignite thought in to what is surely an impressive campaign built upon the most critical component of all: Deliberate Action. On behalf of The Imperfect Messenger Foundation™ I have appeared on his Radio Show with co-host Candace Salima and was invited to be one of several speakers appearing at BBA’s launching ceremonies for their Declaration of Restoration program.  A truly remarkable ambition built around a 30+ City Bus Tour culminating at the steps of the U.S. Capital where Tim Aalders and the BBA entourage will hand-deliver the Declaration. Visit their site and decide for yourself if their Cause of Freedom and Liberty is a Cause you find Worth Perfecting.   

The great conflict that Americans face is the mechanism of strategic-disintegration where an adversary dismembers a target from within using the false-premise as its most effective means enabling an adversary to claim victory over a self-defeated People. To be sure, we will loose the battle if we continue to fight one another and not the true enemy. 

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be Expressed!” 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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