A Plan Drawn, A Plan Unleashed, A Nation in Shock!

A Plan Draw, A Plan Unleashed, a Nation in Shock! Running through the voting metrics, confirmed at 12:01 AM EST of 11/05/20, and it is clear something is terribly wrong in the results of at least seven key battle ground states: Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and N. Carolina.

As you read the following I want you to consider one undeniable fact, numbers don’t lie, not ever! But first, consider these relevant points:

  •  Joe Biden did virtually no campaigning in any of these identified states.
  •  Joe Biden’s advertising budget in these identified states was lower than Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run.
  •  Remember, this is an individual that over the last 45 plus years has failed in every previous presidential run, has no executive experience or success, has no successful business experience, has no single foreign policy success and no single legislative success and yet has somehow managed to become fabulously wealthy at doing something that no one seems to be able to identify but you are to accept that its so. Yes, I know but for now let’s set aside, for now, the wealth he’s accumulated auctioning off his political influence.

Now then, with these few points in mind, how do you explain the following:

  • Joe Biden, as of the date/time mentioned above, has done something totally unexplainable and, frankly, mathematically impossible: He has somehow managed to outperform both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in each of the contested battle ground states.

Now then, get ready for this:

  • Joe Biden has managed to perform this miraculous feat, oddly enough, only after every other State managed to “call” their own State rolls.

There is one and ONLY one way to explain these results:

  • Calibrated Ballot Stuffing.

Calibrated Ballot Stuffing is nothing new but in these instances it has become a calculated science one affected by the DNC over the last twenty-four months and in some cases within the last 90 days; it consists of the deliberate modification of voting and ballot handling rules plus computer/software algorithm-based vote shifting all of which has facilitated an outright fraud against not just the American Voting System but worse, the American Ideal of One Person, Once Vote.

Here’s how it has played out:

  • Midnight of 11/3/20 the DNC receives a “read” of the voter analytics for both Candidates and a status of remaining votes, if any.
  • A calculation (algorithm generated) is made to determine not just the “count to exceed” quota but a statistical read of the pro-rata aggregation of the candidate totals, e.g., 1.5 votes to Trump for every 1 vote to Biden, and then a “staged” load is assembled to simulate the voter mix of a specific precinct and in sufficient numbers to adequately overwhelm the opposing candidate.  Either the “dump” is made by the software directly to the tabulation or this now simulated “ballot batch” is simply dropped-in the batch of other ballots and the merging of ballots into the counting/processing sequence is then complete. It is critically important to understand that in many of these Counties there is virtually not security controls over access to the processing systems (likely all are accessible over the internet or thru an access point within the intranet itself) in the transporting of ballots from precincts to the processing sites; these lackadaisical protocols are calculated into the system by the DNC controlled bureaucracy for precisely these reasons.

Now you have an inside understanding of not only just how easy a willing distortion is able to be played and just and why these late ballot eruptions are occurring; I fully expect that this process will continue and one shouldn’t be surprised that within the next 24-48 hours the President’s leads will likely vaporize before your very eyes. With that said, there area serious concerns around all of this that will make the discovery (of the rampant fraud) increasingly more difficult should the Courts not act quickly:

  • The Fraud is completed when election labor pools are told to complete the fraudulent ballots adding names and addresses and signatures and this needs to be stopped.
  • As the manufactured Ballots are blended into the authentic pool a “recount”, if one is so ordered, merely validates the fraudulent Ballots simply because there is nothing to identify them for what they are. Again, for these and many other reasons the Courts needed to step in and stop these counts and have the post 11/03/20 processed/postmarked ballots partitioned out of the pre-postmarked ballots if this, at this point, is even possible.

This is beyond tragic, this is toxic and a wholesale injustice on the entire American Family and this malignancy needs to be surgically removed and mercilessly punish as a warning to any would be assassin of the People of this Nations liberties and constitutional protected freedoms.

I know it will be impossible for most to not view the following statement as nothing more than a defense of Trump but I’m willing to take that risk but for those who know of my history and my reverence for the Sovereign Spirit of Each and Every One of You then you also know of the protectionist roots affixed to the very trunk that anchors me firmly to the U.S. Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and their associate documents.

With that statement out of the way then let me be clear: Joe Biden must not be permitted to occupy the Office of the Presidency. Under any circumstances to do so is nothing more than a total repudiation of this Nations virtues, period.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

UD: @ 11/7/20: What might not have been made clear in the above is the role the unsolicited Ballot saturation played in all of this; it is the very source of all the fraudulent ballots that have suddenly turned up to flood the ballot count; to consume Trump’s overwhelming lead. CG

UD: @ 11/8/20: It has now been confirmed that in addition to untraceable Ballot Bundling the U.S. Justice Department is now actively investigating, in each of the contested States (Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin), computer generated anomalies, a.k.a., “glitches”, that have so far been traced to software modification is vote tallies. CG

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