Biden: A Nation’s Retreat!

The brilliance of the Biden Campaign is that he may actually win by running on a platform with no single policy specific; the danger of this strategy is that his policy response (or non-response) can be motivated by completely anonymous or less than transparent motives either way you’ll never know. Ironically, if you think about it, this pretty much describes the motives of most who voted for him which, to a thinking People, should be totally unacceptable.

The more immediate danger: As in the case with Obama, who was nothing more than an extension of the Bush-Clinton regime, the American People never received the benefit of Leadership that wasn’t owned by Interests that by their very corporal nature are automatically adverse to the sovereignty of the Individual American. Case in point: It is well known and documented that the Chicoms own Biden the consequent effect of which is that he will never be able to take a pro-American position on matters involving China; Biden knows that to do so risks exposure, by the Chinese, of his malfeasance. Obama was forced, in a very similar manner, into the Iran Deal for the very same reason; the Iranians had (and still do) proof of Obama/Clinton/Kerry violation of U.S. law when they handed over Stinger Missiles to U.S. backed mercenaries without Congressional Approval – this is also why Clinton/Obama never went to the rescue of Ambassador Chris Stevens – and the Iranians extracted a price, with the help of the Chinese, for keeping the information out of the U.S. Press.

One of the remarkable achievements, among the many, of the Trump Administration was in the area of Foreign Policy; a success at nearly every level recorded in every part of the globe where no single or collective adversary was able to record a gain on U.S. standing; this security-success will end under Biden.

Yes, Biden’s recent “America’s Back” statement is quite telling; on its “Back” is what, in actually, his comment portends. Obama’s only truth, as President, was in his statement “elections of consequences.” Boy oh boy do they ever!

The American People’s tolerance for the progression of authoritarian/totalitarian rule, particularly thru the use of fear, has pushed the nation and its people into a level of submission that short of a wholesale uprising is now irreversible. There are questions about what is happening that deserve answers, in fact they are necessities but instead of Leadership pursuing answers they are sending the jack-booted thugs to enforce their will on free people.

Censorship, in this Country and around the world, is out of control; worse yet is the fact that those who are enforcing and expanding the function of censorship are the very same people who are making billions by doing so. How effective are they? Do you know that in 2019 1.4 million people died of Tuberculosis? Why then, for such a pandemic as this, is there’s no lock-down or mask requirements for TB? Look at the success these thugs have had in dehumanizing Trump and how effective the Complex has been at creating a unsupportable message that has been used to sustain their Coup efforts. How effective are they? Answer it for yourself, if you dare!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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