Bolton Smiling But Has He Stepped Beyond His Gate!

The former Ambassador’s a very sharp blade; he’s had years of swimming about the trough of government-eeze and he’s studied well so one shouldn’t expect that he’s looking to bludgeon Trump for the circumstances the led to his dismissal or even the manner in which the President drop-kicked him thru the exit door. He may think about and celebrate the imaginary thrill of seeing the President squirm like a crushed tube of Colgate or having to kneel at the lie-soaked heals of Adam “Cain” Schiff-Pelosi but in the end the American Patriot in him would never allow the scaring of his affections or his own legacy; even more, for Bolton, well known for his often hyper-hawkish behaviors, understands well the price for violating the integrity of his Executive-level duty. Believe me, he knows that it’s massive!

What this is all about is the Dem’s scheme to manufacture conjecture, inuendo and/or the believable lie with the aid of the degenerate media complex. Just like Clarence Thomas and most recently Bret Kavanaugh the bomb-shell approach is just another version of the “lone gunman” theory; the simplest method for shaping a believable lie is by way of coloring outside the lines of reason, by making the most absurd and irrational claim possible all the while with the understanding that the more extreme or alarming the fantasy the more unlikely people would ever think it possible someone would be so brazen.

NEVER forget the facts which are these: The President was well within his constitutional right to suspend, withhold or even terminate the “aid” to Ukraine if he chose to do so and as we’ve said/stated all along remains true today: Neither of the Articles of Impeachment manage to (1) Reach Constitutional Measure or (2) Do they identify a crime. End of story!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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