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The Real in Real Estate

October 18, 2009 

In my upcoming Book, “Blind Vision”, I discuss the root cause of the financial chaos that is taking place in this Country. The topic, unfortunately, though rich in the systemic realities, time and space (and a reader’s attention span) simply do not allow for a detailed scope as to the extent of the problem and why, at this point, we are only seeing a glimmer of what is yet to come.  Still,  when taken as a body of work, I truly do believe you will be the richer for it and so will our Country. 

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Stimulus Muss

February 15, 2009

Oh my, will the love affair with Stimulus this and Stimulus that ever stop? Will the question of “why stimulus?” ever be asked? Will inquiry on the subject of “who benefits” from stimulus ever see the light of day?  Will,  and I will accept just one,  any talking head,  politician or financial wizard take the podium and give a complete, thoughtful and coherent explanation of the overall strategy being employed?

Here’s another “curtis-ism”;

The art of controlling dialogue is best expressed by structuring the format in which the dialogue occurs: were relevant answers can be summarily voided through preventing equally relevant questions from being asked!

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Real Estate Trends 101

I know of few people in the Real Estate Market that don’t want simple answers to a complex issues.   Let us simply refer to it as “crystal balling”!

Thinking on it for the past few hours I found myself chuckling at myself wondering,  if only I had that crystal ball ten years ago.   Then I thought further and realized,  I’d had the “crystal ball” all along!   WE ALL DID,…We All Do!

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Fixed Rate Mortgages Soften?

The Financial Markets aversion to risk is making its position known these last few days and the result of which (one of them anyways) is a rush to the Bond Markets.   The result of which has been a softening in Fixed Rate Mortgages.

For those of us observing the inevitable exhaustion from Heated Housing& Commercial Markets this will no doubt,  be received with a bit of mixed emotions.  If you,  like many in high cost housing areas,  took the route of a high leverage (90% LTV or greater) interest only or “neg am” ARM’s  you may be thinking GREAT, but I’ve lost 15% plus in market value in under a year and I can’t refinance even if I wanted to!

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