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So, Black Lives Matter, eh?

The FRAUD is now complete. Does any of this twisted notion of knee-jerk retribution have anything to do with folks of African Ancestry; this is all politically driven using the double-barrel blasting of race-indifference and class-warfare. Watch this video clip and look closely at the terrorists masquerading as protesters and then inventory the victims all the while asking yourself: Where are all the Black Lives that you’re being told don’t matter?

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Militarizing the Police-Bureaucratic Dysfunction.

It doesn’t take much to grasp that Mr. Floyd was not the poster child for model citizenry but that doesn’t entitle anyone to exercise the extremes we’ve come to identify as Police Brutality; this is neither a right we should bestow on any one person over another nor consider a privileged reward for the select few, period!

Over time, chiefly for bureaucratic reasons, expanding influences of Public Unions and the inevitable Politically induced forms of opportunism, Police Departments have become the enforcement arm of all sorts of intrusions masquerading as “the law.” Police Departments are no longer community to protect and to serve affiliates, they are now full-blown paramilitary forces.

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Rolling Blunders!

Joe Biden emerges wearing a face mask.

Twitter now fact-checking opinion.

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, sacrifices his State’s economy for political gain.

NY Governor Cuomo orbiting alternate universe redirecting attention away from Elder deaths.

Pelosi, in an attempt to distance party from AG Barr’s abuse of power probes, holds court in absentia by favoring proxy voting.

Can’t beat him (Trump) on policy so Dems favor the direct assault of direct mail voting despite proven defect and clear record of malfeasance, by ballot stuffing and/or direct mail harvest, which assures a near untraceable fraud at the ballot.

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The Disorder of a Circular Firing Squad (Wu-V19) – Follow the Money!

Only when those who rule loose the protection of the People’s self-imposed ignorance will they lose the cover the currently protects them.

What is presently described as a global pandemic, ostensibly associated with bat guano, is indeed viral but not of the type often studied or consider to be of an infectious disease/pathogen. No, the true pandemic presently waging war against the People of this planet is far more serious, far more dangerous and principally so as this particular pandemic is working to end a uniquely human condition, the distinctly human capacity known as discernment.

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When Stimulus Isn’t!

Spending, at the Federal Level is either Wealth Consumption or Debt Creation; often it’s both. Government is rarely, if ever, capable of Investing primarily because Politicians use the Government’s ability to tax as a form of political vice the consequence of which is that nothing is ever created that inures a recurring monetary benefit either to the government or to the taxpayer who pays for it. If these statements/observations weren’t true then there’d be no 24 Trillion and growing federal debt and 200 plus Trillion in unfunded mandates.

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