China’s Exposure & Russian Accommodations!

Given N. Korea’s recent launch of an ICBM, we’ve yet another example of how China has demonstrated the slight-of-hand arts using the cover of Russia to supply N. Korea with nuclear infrastructure. China’s ability to pirate and transfer advanced Pakistani “device” technology, facilitating Iran/N. Korea cooperative development of both weaponizing nuclear-tech as well as Ballistic sciences all accommodated by the West that set aside the dangers favoring Corporate-Political Economic interests instead and the synthetic hyperbole that followed. The proof is in the outcome the world now faces.

During Kim Jong Il’s 17 year reign (1994-2011) N. Korea conducted 16 missile tests. By comparison, Kim Jong Un, since 2011, has fired 82 none of which would be possible were it not for outside aid.

China, and Russia as well, position is quite simple: They aren’t worried about a “nuclear” N. Korea simply because they control N. Korea which has never been an autonomous regime. If Kim Jong Un were to dare to be a threat to either Nation their immediate proximity, singularly or collectively, would allow them to squash the Regime with relative ease and who, even the U.S., would object?

Conversely, for the U.S., who needs to concern itself with collateral damage to S. Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and Guam? The outlier is Iran, an entirely different scenario where the regional concern, from the Russian/China perspective, has more to do with the growing Islamic-threat they face in their own territorial perimeters. Their dealings with Iran have more to do with a tool of pacification in exchange for easing their own tensions (territorial).

The only way to counter the threat created by Russia and China is to force a unification of the Korean Peninsula however, accomplishing this outcome will be a supreme challenge to a foreign policy apparatus (U.S.) that rarely escapes the fluid bias of predatory interests or the peevish notions of legacy ideologues.

For the moment, the U.S. holds a rather unique card that if willing can prove to be far more potent than its military capabilities. The general and universally held belief that despite the customary haughty pseudo-intellectual blather in the end, the U.S. will never do anything that risks the wealth-prospect of the Western Elite.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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