Confrontation: From Here to Somewhere Other Than!

Much is said about the divisiveness that exists in the current era, the climate of ever mounting conflict appearing as an endless flow, sans the ebb, of molten lava laying waste to anything along the path it chooses. Frankly I can’t think of a time when there wasn’t a narrative suggesting or threatening, by someone, that it was highly appropriate that the (then) president should be lashed to and then burned at the stake. And yet, as I consider the matter a bit further, I’ve come to the conclusion that Humans require various attributes of tension to progress, without it how else is forward motion to occur.

It is inconceivable to many that we are responsible for the good that occurs and yet the very same horde will be absolutely certain that someone other than they are responsible for the bad things that do! This describes the fundamental perspective, the foundational rule of the left which centers its focus upon opportunities in deprivation and the creation of disadvantage that can only exist in their perspective and yet, at the same time, you must ask yourself the following: Where in nature does equal opportunity actually exists? How, with man’s innumerable by design nature and features, does anyone expect that a uniform outcome should rightfully occur? It is, decidedly, laughable to think otherwise and yet the egalitarian nymphs are ever willing to swindle the unsuspecting into selling-off their souls (their independence) for the illusion of social-justice or the pixie-dust of inclusion or carbon-neutrality.

Socialism may very well be an excellent idea and yet it is always a horrible reality; see Venezuela, an oil rich country, as an example. There’s a magnificently false assumption circulating, a growing assumption that we have a power that we clearly do not have and yet we create constituencies that are sold the illusions of special preference; the messaging grows and penetrates, penetrates then expands, expands and further indoctrinates washing the mind a-flush with nonsense to point and size where politicians can feed the illusion in exchange for the power these intoxicated voting-blocks now represent for politicians never willing to say no to the structural threat these excesses inevitably represent.

Humans, I’ve discovered, have an incredible capacity for making proven failure acceptable or even accepted as a resounding success! Look at how criminals, in many sub-cultures, are held-up as role models. Consider how openly Politicians pander openly anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Sovereign postures. Think of it, Liquor Stores are considered essential services and yet you can’t go to Church. Pelosi will champion providing illegal aliens with the right to vote but deny the unborn child the life the Devine’s design intends. And no, going to church is not a Constitutional right sanctioned by the government, in FACT, it is quite the opposite; the Constitution is a document that grants government, by the Consenting Governed, abilities to operate on behalf of and as a representative of the Consenting Governed’ s interests. Your rights, as a sovereign individual, are inalienable (Granted by God) and yours alone by virtue of the fact that you exist; the Constitution was written to insure that Government did not intrude, again, INTRUDE, on those rights.

Whatever it is that will be your salvation or the elixir that will intoxicate one with the effervescence of fulfillment and total self-expression, I absolutely assure you, isn’t being sold by a carpet bagging toad masking as your ticket to emancipation; they’ll never be able to sell you, let alone gift to you, something that can’t define, they can’t explain and they don’t have!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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