Convenient Truths & Inconvenient Lives

As if it were simply a yolk and albumin you fry in a pan the policy of the abortion and human tissue harvesting industry, along with the political system that supports these practices, are artisans in their crafting of convenient science to conform to their fabricated truths; after all, it’s merely tissue.

In the algorithm of science it may be mere tissue however, there is a clear distinction that it intentionally overlooks; it is human tissue developed to the point where the organs, being sufficiently developed, are deemed a valued crop to be harvested. Harvest! Barbaric is the minimalists’ perspective and yet, outside of the womb it would be infanticide.

An additional convenience unceremoniously set aside is yet another truth: the whole procreative process, beyond the fertilizing of the ovum, is for one specific and undeniable purpose and outcome. Calibrating an argument, the purpose of which is to define a point along the way before which the process becomes, apparently, something other than what it is, is among the most disturbing forms of convenience; ever!

Since Roe vs. Wade over 50 million abortions have taken place in this country. It would seem that these lives were an inconvenient consequence of a manufactured truth, the price for which is visible, in various forms, all around us. Manufacturing illusions to fit selective reasoning(s) never alters reality regardless of how one may think they profit from the convenience. I simply, and believe me I’ve tried, am unable to separate the human from the process of human-being.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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