Division of Democracy; 4 Billion Indicators

Regardless of the 2014 Mid-term outcome(s) it’s high-time we resolve a serious threat to our Democracy. It is estimated that over 4 Billion Dollars will have been spent on the Mid-terms; 4 Billion Dollars and for what? The process as it is amounts to nothing more than an open invitation for predator-like feeding upon the democratic process and an accommodation to the political process of division; the turning of the American People against themselves.

Simple solution: Cap campaign budget(s) to $150k. Limit “season” to a sixty day period starting September 1st.  Create a Public Service series of channels, by state/region and by type of election (Federal, State and Local). Arrange for 2 (televised & radio broadcast) “open forum” debates, accessible to eligible voters only, for direct questions requiring response from each candidate.

There must be accountability and integrity in the process and as we know, when government is permitted to determine the boundaries under which it operates it entitles itself to define those very same boundaries.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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