Fascist-Mind of the Amoral High-Ground: Obama reappears with the same pitch he wore as President

Obama reappears with the same pitch he wore as President “…offering simple fixes to complex problems.” Has the Public forgotten the deeply flawed mantra of the Master-Community Organizer’s lyric? Government, Big or More of It, is never the solution to a complex problem in search of a much needed (simpler) solution! His fundamental argument – the American Story is so full of Racism, Bigotry, Homophobia etc., etc., etc., that the only cure is Fascist-hypoxia – that it must be replaced with only those that agree with me is so deeply flawed that the only claim he can justifiably own, is his allegiance to the acolytes of Alinsky and membership in the Clinton-Brigade. Trump’s knuckle-dragging tweeting is certainly a retrograde form of messaging and yet, who can deny his results in matters that count? Obama, on the other hand, may ooze with an elementary form of glee. However, on things that matter, he is an ass, a calculating huckster of deception whose every argument routinely collapses on the very weight of its foundational nostrum. If the Democrats aren’t prepared to shut him down, they will lose any hope of contesting Trump in the mid-terms and beyond.

Curtis Greco, Founder

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