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 Over the past few weeks I’ve been meeting a fairly steady demand for On Air analytical-commentary. Seems the Middle-East miss-adventures are beginning to stir the public conscience and by well it should. George Washington’s Farewell Address is a pretty darn good read if one is interested in the clarity of a near apostolic form of vision particularly on the subject of foreign entanglements and their affects upon domestic preferences. 

The conflict of mixed-intentions never produces the attenuation of refined outcome and this is largely due to the organic nature of conflict; either one intention wins while the other submits or both intentions merge to become the greatest consequence of all: Depravity. Sooner or later, absent the clarity of an ideal, the system of intention(s) decays under the weight of its own abuses. 

“And then that which once was has become something less; now lost and imagined no more.” 

So then how do we set about Governing of a Government that has deliberately breached the clarity of its stated ideal? A Government, by the way, whose International Policy failures mirror its Domestic Ideology and whose orchestrated dominance of a totalitarian demeanor appears dedicated to a complete fracturing of a national ideal.  I’ve written many commentaries on this point, in fact, I’ve written a three-Volume Series that deals, in part, on the subject however for this venture, I’ll simply rely on the acuity of Aldous Huxley to deliver the message I intend: 

“But liberty, as we all know, cannot flourish in a country that is permanently on a war footing, or even a near-war footing. Permanent crisis justifies permanent
control of everybody and everything by the agencies of the central government.”

There is no noble outcome through starving the faithful conscience of its rightful expression – no matter how elaborate and persistent the lie!  Whether one accepts my philosophical premise or not none should reasonably deny one basic fact: What we as a People are discovering is that we find ourselves having to deal with not only the process of Governing a Government that has gone rogue but also reversing the consequences of Over-Governing by a Rogue Government. 

I confess that the more effort I expend in meeting the demand for commentary the more I discover an opaque form of indifference amongst the body-politic. Perhaps indifference isn’t the best choice of words; it may more likely be the case that it is simply a form of denial and disbelief.  An excerpt for Volume II: Value Given, Value Received seems appropriate at this point: 

“The People’s greatest torment is neither fear nor the abandonment of their moral compass. No, it is more likely that it is their sense of duty and honor that has been corrupted by the complete and utter disbelief that their own have so willingly and so recklessly violated their trust!” 

“One of our greatest challenges to overcome will be that while in a position of leadership we have not planed, practiced or perfected a self-perpetuating system for insuring a future equal to our own promise. Whether in our value of life, our practices of faith, industry or governance, we have squandered our advantages in nearly every area and in their place we have substituted belligerent indifference and the perfected art of plundering. 

Control by Depravity: As we observe the U.S. political and economic environment over the last quarter century, one can easily see the effects of the conjoined globalist-policy concept. It is much easier to manipulate a population through the use of controlled depravity; the hungry and desperate are far more malleable. In a socio-economic structure such as the United States the notion of depravity (or crisis) is used to turn The People and their ideals in opposition to one another and ultimately to further and expanded dependence on government. Whereas independent social and economic structures produce positive tension, both social and economic, directing The People away from government dependence and toward self-reliance. 

The conflict within our boarders is the result of a manufactured identity. What people identify as the Democrat and/or Republican parties– as somehow being the mandated attributions of Republicanism – are not components of Republicanism at all. We, as a People, must understand that these are complete illusions manufactured and employed to facilitate the use of government for purposes inconsistent with one’s sovereign and inalienable rights. What people are now awakening to is the maturation of a divisive process seeded long ago. Nonetheless, it is destroying our relationships with one another through the selective-indifference of an extraordinarily unfaithful companion: Partisan Politics.  On the global stage where the U.S. Armed Forces are increasingly being used as a Global Police Force, the concept of a manufactured identity and its consequent affects are nearly identical though the most conspicuous form of degradation is in this Nation’s prestige as the once inviolable force and steward guarding the sacred fires of Liberty.” 

So then, can we reconvene an assembly about a common ideal? Are their a sufficient number of the willing activists who have not yet fully surrendered their faithful conscience of ordained and rightful expression? Who remains ever-vigilant to those things We hold to be true? 

We all should be mindful that the same battle being waged against the Sovereign Individuals of the Middle-East, and for that matter all over the World, is the very same battle we face here.  Yes, Mr. Obama, it is indeed a kinetic battle however the side you appear to be on will not survive the Providential command implicit in the human design and which possesses an equally implicit demand: 

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be expressed!” 

Never find yourself without a complete understanding of this, your sovereign right and never forget: To Command your destiny requires each to Demand its outcome through vigilant and tenacious resolve. In the practices of your life, in the pursuit of your unique purpose which is for all a cause worth perfecting, nothing will ever matter more.  

Without it, there is nothing but matter

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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