Hidden Truths – Vanishing Freedoms

Having written and spoken on economic and various policy issue for nearly twenty-five years it wasn’t long into the process that I discovered, more frequently than I’d previously thought possible, that government policy was increasingly becoming a direct extension of private economic interests each masquerading under some form of social justice or progressive mantra.

Quite frankly having buried myself under pages and pages of documents and bound volumes with screen upon screen of data mines neatly arranges on countless spreadsheets I spent untold hours connecting various data-points looking for trends or predictive schemes it was more of a coincidence that I would arrive at, what was for me, a rather stunning observation. All the while I was looking for a trend or predictive tooling what I eventually discovered was a preconceived series of deliberate schemes structured to yield a specific and calculated outcome were already in place.

The outcome of my discovery was this: I could predict an outcome (direct or collateral) by simply following the logical extension (twisted as it might be) of the originating force. Let me offer just a few examples of what I mean: 

Gulf of Tonkin: A completely fabricated event designed to rally public support for U.S. Military involvement in Vietnam. Well we know what war is; it’s a profit generating machine and the final chapter on this malignant form of economics has yet to be written however, as a predictive tool for capturing profits, it’s tough to beat (said with great sarcasm.) 

LBJ’s Great Society: An iconic form of Progressive-Liberalism, whose origins date back to both the Wilson and Roosevelt Administrations, brought forth by the Johnson Administration partly to redirect public interests away from increased actions in Southeast Asia, a pacification tool for growing civil opposition brought about by such organizations as Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and as a vehicle for expanding the State by seeding greater and greater dependency. The Benefactors of Increased Dependency/Welfare State are start with Politicians and digresses from there. One can only imagine, given today’s economic climate, what Multi-National would survive without gov’t welfare; political and/or economic. 

Nixon’s Revocation International Settlement in Gold: Often pitched, in the wake of supposed demands by France, as a move to preserve U.S. Bullion Reserves the facts are: (1) So long as Gold remained at fixed-price speculative trading (in Gold) was not possible and Industrial use of Gold remained off-limits as a tradable commodity. (2) So long as Gold remained a settlement medium for international purposes the ability of the International Banking Cabal to expand its reach was impractical. (3) As an extension of the previous, Gold also made the expansion (fractionalizing/inflation) of a Nations Currency tied to the individual States Bullion On-Reserve. In short, for the International Banking System to expand its control Gold, as a medium of currency valuation, had to go. 

Nixon’s China: The opening of China (to the West) is a lauded as a great success of the Nixon Administration and where it not for the covert interests of International Banking and Industrial concerns (well represented by Mr. Kissinger), it would otherwise be acceptable to view the effort, in cultural and humanitarian terms, noteworthy. However, with consideration to the long-held ambitions of the British, e.g., the “Opium Wars”, and the trajectory of actions since I think it fair to say all is not what it seems. The passage of the WTO/GATT (and every Trade Treaty since) right on down to the ultra-secret Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), in conjunction with the various players I’ve referenced, the global economic homogenization shows no signs of slowing down. 

Banking/Wall Street: Control a Nations currency and you control its future; an international Bankers axiom dating back to the early 1700’s.  From the War of 1812, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the staged coup which toppled the Savings & Loan Industry, the reversal of the Glass Steagall Act (to name but a few) and the latest iteration of dubious distinctions, the Wall Street Reform Act/Dodd Frank perfectly illustrates the narrative: Control a Nations currency and you control its future.   

Middle-East & Asia Pivot: Making the World Safe for Democracy is a phrase that finds its roots in the mind of one Edwin Bernays; a pioneer in the filed of public relations and propaganda hired by the Wilson Administration to wage physiological warfare upon the American People who, up until then, were staunchly anti-interventionists. The fact that the phrase continues to be used, and with overwhelming success, is evidence of Bernays genius and the malleability of public conscience. The power of War Profits, adorned with the face of a false premise, so far, seems unstoppable. The Middle-East, quite simply, is nothing more than a tool, a fulcrum if you will, for altering and/or shaping the ebb and flow of competing interests standing; get out of line, raise the price of oil; interfere with those who control the forming line, stage a conflict; don’t like those who a in control of line drawing, draw them into a conflict where they’re most vulnerable; don’t like who’s creating conflict for you, create one (the Pivot) in their own backyard.  Sadly, tragically, it’s that simple particularly when you’re making the World Safe for Democracy and, whatever you do, never answer the following question: What’s wrong with our brand of democracy if you’ve got to make the world safe for it? Heaven forbid! 

Now, to be sure, these (above) are scaled and thinned down with the hope of keeping the breadth and scope of the respective references (which each truly merit a more in-depth review) to a manageable format though I do hope the point I intended was made clear; if you look to close one risks missing the interconnectivity each has in/to the greater scheme which can only be mad clear when one pulls back and observes with the clarity distance affords.  

And so, with the aforementioned as a pretext, the American Experience is well along the course of expanding degradation and the American Public is largely unaware of its underlying matrix; the systematic dismantling of a representative democracy’s foundation. The Foundation(s), often thought of as the Four Pillars of Democracy (Freedom, Justice, Government, Representation) was/is an composition of thought examined and brought forth by FDR (January 1941) in his address which became known as the “Four Freedoms Speech” (Freedom of Speech & Worship and Freedom from Want & Fear) and I do hope you take time and do further review and study of this extraordinary plenary of worthy ideals.  

Tying the entirety of this effort into an effective close let me remind the Reader that The Imperfect Messenger Foundation’s work, in part, focuses on tracking and exposing instances where Forces seek to enforce their Tyrannical Interests over and upon the Sovereign Mind & Spirit of Man and drawing the sordid affair to the surface where one is free to articulate their own opinion. I confess that many believe my writings to be politically motivated and they are, in a manner of speaking, however only to the extent that the political elite are party to any tyrannical effort; to me, they are the enemy, yours and mine, regardless of their Affiliations.  With this thought never far from my thoughts please do allow me to direct you to the following link, with one minor qualification: Although I do not align myself with the slight timber and undertoe that suggest the solution lay in the petit-four of social-justice; the notion, were one to assume so, is pure nonsense however Dr. Abele does illustrates the conflicts and challenges facing this country and I do so hope that you take the time and read the following article “The End of Freedom in America?”; it is worth your time. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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