Hillary; is she counting on the impulse of ignorance?

The Clinton-method is pure cunning; one might consider an appropriate characterization as being along the lines of the-grand-con; gutter politics if you will. The Clinton regime is masterfully proficient at diffusion, redirection and scope-control; setting the parameters of inquest and then vilifying anyone who moves, with conscience, beyond them. Not only do they understand new-age politics; they own the pulse of the American Public; they understand that the public is apathetic, short-termed as to attention span and memory and deeply susceptible to fashion-driven impulse.

If Americans truly considered Billy’s history all the way back to his college days then one would ask how did this man become President and then, if one considers points thereafter then one must also wonder how did he manage to either get re-elected or, for that matter, stay in office? Hillary’s resume, quite honestly, makes Bill, at worst, look like a sidewalk preacher and yet this crafty mollusk continues to safely maneuver the political reef.

She’s counting on you America; the first Madam President of the United States; how fashionable is that?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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