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February 28, 2009

More often than not I receive wonderful comments from folks who have (or both) either read my various comments (which appear in several places) or see or hear me “live”. I am always grateful!

I never though of myself as a “social commentator”, frankly,  I arrived at a point in my life were I discovered a discord about me and that this “thing” I felt, or sensed,  was not exclusive to me!  In point of fact, what I’m discovering is there are far more people, than I ever thought possible, who sense the very same discord! Shoot, I thought I was the only “crazy person”!

Now, with this thought in mind, I acknowledge that I’m prone to center my conversations on personal observations that are “iconic” (representative) of what I see as a much greater issue. This often draws the ire of those who are in some way associated with that very “icon”!

Take for instance, hybrid vehicles, more directly, the Toyota Prius!  I have received many comments which questioned my nearness to sanity and so on! With deference and respect to all of you Hybrid Owners and with a heightened acknowledgment to all you Prius-Perfect-People  who Piously Propel yourselves to various Prescribe or Predetermined Points, let me offer you the following dissertation:   (Oh come on, you’re an adult, act like one: it’s called parody, a seemingly lost and underappreciated art form!)

First, and let me be clear, I have no problem with Toyota and their supremely admirable quality for expressing a fundamental economic concept: “adaptability”! Truly remarkable!  If you find yourself with an abundance of lemons; make lemonade!

By the way, this “concept” was also a once powerful component of the U.S.’s once great, but now dead, Economic Engine.  The U.S. Government as well as many of the industry-rich States, California being the most creative, made sure of it (Dead)!

I have no problem with anyone expressing their rights, including but not limited to, freedom of association (i.e., with other hybrid owners) or disposing of or applying your hard earned money in the act of purchasing, for that matter, a Hybrid!   No problem what so ever!  (By the way,  have you ever seen a post-collision Prius/Civic?)

I do however have problems with the undercurrent Ideology that gives life to the “hybrid” concept and how it is attempting a coupe over rational thought! I do take issue with using taxpayer funds to encourage their purchase. I do take issue with derailing public policy in favor of a few at the expense of many. I’m troubled by the indulgence of “eco-conscious” where and when the practice, in actuality, is nothing of the kind but in fact, just another form of “practical-disengagement” or perhaps better said: hypocrisy at best, a self-indulgent imposition upon the unsuspecting, at its worst!

Here are just a few additional points which I trust will better explain my torment:

  1. Using taxpayer funds which target a specific segment, social or economic.
  2. Government expressing, through legislative or administrative actions, mandates that demonstrate a preferential bias.
  3. Preferential bias is, on its own, most disagreeable however made much worse when it expands to a financial and functional bias as well.
  4. When considering the toxic nature of the Hybrid battery and the accelerating self-propagation of the vehicle caused by demand,  a standard Ford Fusion has a 30% less Carbon Foot Print.  Interesting, Toyota executed a very crafty strategy: they simply extended the warranty of the Prius Battery.  How Eco-Conscious is that?
  5. The number of Hybrids in carpool lanes with single occupants (drivers)!  I know there are commuters who purchased Hybrids for this purpose only – they still own their SUV though.  They conspicuously leave their Hybrid in the driveway,  it makes a statement,  I guess.
  6.  It’s a classic example of the fraud relating to the phrase I coined to describe it: “Flat Earth Idolatry”. The complete fabrication of a notion, centered around a false premise, designed to benefit or promote a “selective ideal”.   (See Al Gore and his interests in “Carbon Credits” for more information.)   And the last one, for now,
  7. The Imposition of a “Flat Earth Idolatry”, by Government, upon an uninformed and misrepresented people (that’s YOU!).   Example:  Cap & Trade Legislation,  EPA Enforcement, the U.S. Governments “EB-5” Program, Global Environmental Issues (see: United Nations “UNEP”) and there are more, but the most interesting of all,  “Scarcity” (see: “Bakken Formation”). Note: be sure and  CLICK HERE  for any of these, you may find them very interesting.

Point of order, if you want to ride the “Eco” train toward alternative energy, for whatever the reason might be, real or supremely crafted, then at least be honest about the approach!  Don’t talk “Eco” and then delude yourself that we’re now Eco-Efficient simply because we purchase a certain Eco-Product domestically whilst at the same time leaving the Carbon-Footprint resident in a foreign land! Or claim that you’re going to create Eco-Jobs domestically installing the Eco-Tech which is purchased from a Foreign Source which leaves the true value of the “Tech”, being the wealth creating benefits, on those very Foreign Shores in exchange for the Massive Burden of Debt for its acquisition being placed squarely on the backs of the U.S. Taxpayer!   Oh shoot, I forgot, we can issue “carbon credits”!  Ah yes, hypocrisy, how sweet it is!

So you see, it really has nothing to do with my wearisome lampooning of Prius-Drivers but more so yet another example of how “flat earth idolatry” imposes its burden upon the unsuspecting practitioners of “practical-detachment”. 

We are a Nation so fractured we no longer have a coherent and recognizable Identity! 

This is what, what troubles me look like in yet another form:

 “A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.” — G. Goebbles.

If one isn’t clear as to the identity of “G. Goebbles”, here’s a hint:  he was A. Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda!

Just a thought to think on!

So now you know:  you get what you allow!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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