Is the Clinton Dynasty Our Fate?

It could be particularly if the voters fail to view her in the appropriate light; a political curmudgeon with no single policy success in any of her official roles and the spine of a jelly fish. The concept of bi-partisanship is nothing more than a metaphor for the political survival notion of lowest possible common denominator. The psychopathic diminution of substance to something far more malleable or, as I’m oft to say; You can tell them whatever you want so long as you never have to account for what you say or do.

This pitch is the pure essence of Clintonian political rhetoric well along the phase-in process of contemporary American politics the kind of which exists nowhere else but here in the USA. The difference between Obama and Clinton is not that either employed a nubile approach to politics but more so that they’ve made it an institution.

Clinton’s approach was to pay his way by extending political favors and promises of economic advantage all of which made contesting the President a prohibitive action. Doing so meant accepting the risk of personal exposure. Obama, on the other hand, took the process to an entirely different level. He simply appointed co-conspirators as a tool of cover and then proceeded to bypass the processes understanding that key positions were also strategically placed blocks available to stall the process of checks and balances.

Let’s just leave to this: The footprints are quite visible, the actions prove their substance while their words are calculated deceptions; the rest is up to you.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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