ISIS – To Error is Human, To Destroy Takes a Desperate Narcissist!

My how the Plutocrats love to create labels. It’s an awfully efficient way to create an enemy and redirect the public toward the rigors of an impulse driven response; just put a label on it and you’re done! ISIS, huh? The Islamic State of Iraq & Syria which nicely fits right in with the generic and disenfranchises Islamists, Al Qaeda, the Haqqani, the Taliban, Hamas, Abu Nidal and so on and each convenient covers for the main story that no one wants to cover and fewer care to track.

Action has consequence and the Middle-East continues to be a localized version of a global contest between competing interests each masquerading behind the media’s ability to proselytize the spectacle of indignation.

Bizarre? Yes indeed and here are examples: Iran, it has long been known, loathes the Sunni almost as much as it does the U.S. and yet they are providing support to their version of Sunni-insurgents in both Syria and Iraq. Then of course there’s total media silence over the funneling of Russian/Chinese arms into the region, also thru the Iranians, all the while the U.S. does the exact same thing (as the Russians) via select member States of the Arab League – not to mention what was left behind thru the Iraq Exodus.

We’ve considered the possibility that the U.S. pullout of Iraq was deliberately intended as bait for the Iranians. There are examples of this tactic throughout military history yet as an analyst one must never ignore the risk of unintended-advantage and so I confess that I did set the notion aside back when the Joint Operations Agreement turned DOA. However now, given the recent media-antics over Iran and Russia’s anger over U.S. meddling in its backyard (Ukraine), I’m now reconsidering the notion as far more plausible than first thought.

The Russians & the Chinese are actively engaged in replacing the current International Currency System which gives the U.S. a free pass in debt accumulated however unbeknownst to most Americans is that Russia/China are rapidly accumulating participants and implementing their competing (to that of the IMF & World Bank) Fiat-Based Monetary System.

Understand that the U.S./U.K. System of Corporate Governance will do everything and anything to keep that from happening. From this point forward everything you see taking place with regard to U.S. Middle-East Foreign/Military Policy will be an articulated function of this very operational premise/circus. The cost to the American people, if not already staggering, will be even more so.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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