Legitimizing the Illegitimate:

It is, or at the very minimum it should be, concerning that the continuation of the Impeachment Process is suspending if not outright defeating a fundamental and irrefutable truth: Having no single crime identified or otherwise supporting or appending either of the recorded Articles of Impeachment the entire process is moot if not unceremoniously unconstitutional. This is known and has been established as an undeniable fact.

Americans need to be clear on the following: If the Process is not upheld as being preeminent or senior to a claim then by what mechanism does one make a determination of fact and then appropriately resolve to an order approach just resolve? Absent the perfecting function of an unbiased order then the Public is left having to accept a substitute for the routine we think of (now) as the “rule of law” with something along the lines of vigilante or crowd-justice, the indiscriminate venality of the lynching or the vengeant norm that is the fascist’s preference. There can never be a reliable concept of justice when the primary threat to the same comes from within the very mechanisms the Public trusts to dispense actions whose outcome is intended to demonstrates the ideal of “equal justice.”

Any Senator that fails to suspend this process is not only acting-out their personal failure or inability to comprehend the concept of “unbiased” they are also the instrument by which the illegitimacy of the illegitimate is made to appear legitimate. No single person, whatever your proclivities, can ever be willing to accommodate this abuse if only on the ground of self-preservation; the gun you allow pointed at your adversary will one day claim you as a target of opportunity and I should expect that few will find this eventuality a most unacceptable fate.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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