Like Greek PM Tsipras & the E.U., Trump Threatens the Order of U.S. Political Elite

The establishment of the E.U. was never about establishing unity among the member states. It is and was always about a progressive consolidation of Europe in an easterly direction swallowing up the former Eastern-Block concluding, as the first step, with the Eurofication of Russia. All of this is tied to liquidating the Wests massive accumulation of public debt and this process is a remarkably efficient mechanism for doing just that; vaporize public debt by restructuring Central Bank monetary facilities.

Nations, particularly those with lesser economies, happily surrendered their economic sovereignty (to the E.U.). Desperate for easy cash to fill their empty treasuries and unable to meet their domestic programs/handouts that clearly their own economies were unable to support. This economic reality, of course, was key to the E.U./E.C.G. goal. Bind the desperate member nations to sovereign debt (bonds) that these nations had no capacity or hope of ever settling and thus making an exit from the E.U. an impossibility, or so they thought.

Greece (and watching from the wings are Spain, Portugal & Italy), led by Prime Minister Tsipras have no desire to meet the demands of the E.U./E.C.B nor are they interested in honoring the payment scheme for paying back the mountain of debt they’ve accumulated. What they want is debt-forgiveness and they’ve taken an incredibly bold step toward achieving this ambition turning the table on their E.U. Masters by throwing the face of a democratic process directly at the anemic structure of the E.U. Elite and the hub of Western Banking System; the IMF.

The actions of Greece, though their debt exposure is actual quite small compared to E.U. totals and as such are economically inconsequential, is a direct challenge to the Global Order. A nation with the GDP on par with Alabama, geographically isolated and with a population of mere 11 Million stands the chance of exposing the entire E.U. system for the dubious and hegemonic scheme that it is.

Here, stateside U.S., is one Donald Trump who stands to do much the same to the U.S. political system and it has the elitist DNC/RNC in an apoplectic fit and I applaud him for the effort. Whether or not Trump is prepared to wage the war and assume the associate costs is yet unknown, but one thing is certain: he will be facing a media bashing becoming more extreme (if he stays “in”) much as it was for Ross Perot who, as you will recall, became weak-kneed and turned tail.

The connection with all of this to the E.U.-Greek charade is quite interesting. The Greek referendum may force the E.U. and the U.S. to accelerate the restructuring of the western banking system which will require the TTIP & TiSA trade agreements. This effort definitely favors a Bush Presidency and if Trump’s polling continues to gain steam one should expect the public slaughter of Trump, primarily coming from the Bush/Romney/Rubio camp, to expand. If this occurs, as I expect it will, then you’ll know why.

With all this being said it may also be the case that Trump is a stooge willingly playing the game as a mechanism to foil a Hilary 2016 victory however that is yet to be known. Hillary is playing an extraordinary duck ’n cover game however, if Sanders picks up another 9-15 points Mrs. Clinton may have to come out from under her rock and if she does, pay attention to how Trump reacts. Haven’t you noticed that Trump rarely comments about Hillary?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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