Making the World Safe for Democracy?

A frequently used justification dating back to the Woodrow Wilson Administration again seems a bit ironic; using various NGO’s and plenty of taxpayer money, Assistant Secretary of State for Euro/Eurasian affairs, Victoria Nuland, is the western face of a not so discrete double-standard.

Question: How do we assert the moral high-ground with Putin when this Nation’s own policy is designed to subvert the very democratic process we claim to guard?

If having no discernable foreign policy isn’t sufficient cause for Americans to be concerned, observing the State Department’s wanton duplicity (in Ukraine) should. The question then becomes: What’s wrong with our brand of Democracy if our National Policy is to enforce it? How strong or perhaps better stated, how inviting are our Democratic ideals if they require the world to be compelled, by force, to adapt to them?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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