Obama, State Department Idles at Short-Sighted Pace

The President is being hammered for his no-policy Foreign Policy stance. Some suggest his leading from behind describes his ponderously inept stasis however, the reality is somewhat different. The President believes his skill-set is far superior, as if he were Oz (behind the emerald curtain) dossing at will the global conscience into his vision of submission.

It has long been known that the current Middle-East quagmire originates circa the first Iran-Iraq war. As a surrogate battle-front for West vs. East interest with Iranians Islamic Regime (in reality more of military style Junta) being backed chiefly by Russia (then the U.S.S.R.) and the Chinese. The U.S. opted for a policy of containment and later, with the fall of the Soviet Regime, continued the policy believing that the very same or similar policy approach levied against Russia would eventually suffocate the Iranian Junta as well.

Unfortunately for the West, high price oil revenues, Russia & Chinese tech/arms (with assist from China’s most favored nation, N. Korea) easily breached the containment notion. The West followed with the Bush-Era policy of encirclement and this gave us the Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq wars and the chaos that followed.

If one recalls an early dose of Obama campaign rhetoric he openly stated that his Middle-East strategy for success would be anchored by his diplomatic charisma. Hillary bought shares in the scheme believing that it was a no-risk strategy; if they pulled it off she was a shoe-in for 2016, if it didn’t she could shape and contour a defense-of-anonymity after all, what difference does something that didn’t happen make if it didn’t work. It’s the gift of bold-recklessness like a Hail-Mary pass in a football game; if it works you’re a hero if it doesn’t no one is surprised by the failure after all the odds were against success – we’re a forgiving lot.

Obama’s entire middle-east strategy is built on duping Iran into becoming his foreign policy legacy; everything he’s done, whether passing on a Status-of-Forces-Agreement with Iraq, his open avoidance of naming and shaming Islamic Extremism, his charade with Israel, the lunacy of the Arab Spring and the surrender of Libya to Iranian-backed insurgents is to do one thing: to appear completely passive and accommodating to the Iranian.

In the mind of Mr. Obama he actually believes that if the stage of affability is set to his liking that the Islamists in Iran’s contempt will magically dissolve in the face of his magnetic charm, intellectual superiority and the intoxicating rhythm and cadence of his masterfully scripted oration(s). Psychopathic as it may seem the fact is this scheme describes every action of this President; a series of Hail-Mary passes with one significant distinction; he is willing to throw-the-game (the entire structure of the Nation, its principles and its order) in an attempt to prove that he is, in fact, Oz!

Where the Iranians and the Middle-East are concerned, the risks for the U.S. are far more than most are prepared to even consider. The Iranians already have nuclear capacity and are on the door-step of refining warhead delivery-capacity. They find the U.S. policy efforts laughable as whether they arrive at an agreement or not the fact is that U.S. sanctions haven’t had the planned effect and all the so-called negotiations have done is to provide the Iranians valuable time.

The Iranians believe that the U.S. will never take military actions against them and they are prepared to risk a Hail-Mary because they expect that the opposing team has already abandoned the field of play. The vacuum created by the Obama idle and deeply short-sighted vision insures that a major conflict of global proportions is an absolute certainty.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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