Open Wide Insert Lie: Dems Press Fraud!

Well, the House Managers, to a person, are proving that if you repeat the lie often enough you can sell the smoke without the flame. How does questioning and/or investigating the suspicious and scurrilous activities of an elected official and his child, the kind specifically identified by the Obama Administration as being highly questionable and unethical, amount to a coverup by the Trump Administration?

“…gassed with the lie they openly hope to be true.”

The Dems will never succeed in their impeachment of Trump but what they are being allowed to do is using the forum of Impeachment to camouflage their corrupt actions and using their brazen command of bold-faced lying so profoundly that the anti-Trump fan club is happily gassed with the lie they openly hope to be true.

One must never forget, throughout the processing of this sewage that the following is factually so:

  1. Trump remains well within his Constitutional privileges in the manner in which he deals with Ukraine and, frankly, across the entire scope of his foreign policy actions.
  2. There is no authenticated proof that Trump has lied about any action/contact/policy of and relating to Ukraine or, for the matter, any action to which the Dems might assert as an impeachable offense.
  3. There is no, absolutely no documented evidence that supports the claim that he has abused his powers whether for personal gain, inappropriate gain or to facilitate an outcome that is anything other than as an extension of the duties to which his Office requires. And,
  4. A Presidents reliance on Judicial Review is not an obstructive act or is it an act that can rationally be associated with a coverup or an offending obstruction of the House; patently absurd and desperate allegations.

Again, as previously opined, for their abuse of the U.S. Constitution, the Senate must move to pass article for the Censuring of Speaker Pelosi and each of the House Impeachment Managers.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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