Perpetual Crisis Syndrome

Ever present in the mind is the native ambition of what I often refer to as a Cause Worth Perfecting. A simple yet profound motive force that compels one to pursue outcome, to persist through seemingly impossible odds, to navigate through even the most basic torsional forces creating friction along the path of ones intended course. 

“The appeal of purpose fulfilled illuminates the path, lifts the fallen and holds resolute the humble resolve of hope.” 

But what are we to make of a committed pestilence adverse to the notion of purpose? It seems… 

The American People are caught in a well orchestrated Perpetual Crisis Syndrome whose adverse purpose appears aimed at disabling your native tendency toward self-determination. The strategy articulates itself in this way: Focus on destabilizing a common-bond steeped in the laws of Providence, affected by a regime of thought effectively fused to overwhelming the system; application of constant pressure, polarization and fabricated threat. 

Result: You fight your Ally, not the common Enemy

You might, by now, be compelled to ask a rather obvious question.  What is the consequential effect? Very simple: Derailing the path of ones intended course through the miss-direction of structural hyper-tension.  

Sun Tsu had a remarkably accurate way of describing this most effective strategy and I believe many will find his resource acutely relevant: 

“Hence that general is skilful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skilful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.” 

There are many forms of this process of miss-direction and systemic overload that to list them all, the effort alone, will cause its own form of melt-down so let’s just limit the issue to a few: 

  • Sociological: Straight vs. Gay
  • Physiological: Fit vs. Obese
  • Secular: Separation of Church vs. Relativism
  • Non-Secular: Faith-Risk (Christian-Judaism vs. Muslim)
  • Life: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice
  • Economic: Class Warfare (You vs. The Rich)
  • Self-Reliance: Sovereignty vs. Government
  • Entitlement: Sovereignty vs. Advantaged Political-Lethargy
  • Bureaucracy: Productivity vs. Government
  • Politics: Freedom vs. Regime
  • Lawful: Justice vs. Government
  • Economy: Value vs. Corporate-Governance
  • Freedom: Providence vs. Government
  • Liberty: Lethargy vs. Government
  • Reason: Principal vs. Government
  • Bias: Inalienable Rights vs. Corporate-Governance
  • Future: Truths vs. Government 

What makes the cycle of the Perpetual Crisis Syndrome so completely virulent is not that these forms exist. No! It’s more so that these forms are deliberately and simultaneously orchestrated to assault your intended course. 

And so: You fight your Ally, not the common Enemy

Crisis is too often only a manufactured Syndrome deliberately created for advantage, to distract and divide, to conquer a People who, by the planned-coincidence of circumstance, are already defeated.  If one were to consider the many forms listed above point by point, you will easily populate many examples of the planned-coincidence of circumstance. 

As a Nation in the midst of a serious identity-crisis at all levels of our corporal-order, it is incumbent upon one and all to be considerate of a similar crisis which occurred nearly 223 years ago.  This Nations Founding Fathers assembled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for an expressed purpose; to resolve to a common-bond. Yes in deed, not unlike our time and… 

“Although they were of different minds, they yet managed to converge upon a common-ideal!” 

There is value in a common-bond best accompanied by the nobility of a common-ideal.  It is the appropriate order of intention whose ambition is tethered to the humble resolve of hope! 

As I watch our Government(s) continue to spiral out of control, I also observe that we are fighting against our common-bond, our common-ideal and not our common Enemy! 

We should all be about a cause worth perfecting; why? It’s really quite simple and if you are a regular reader of my work, you’ve heard it before: 

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be expressed!” 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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