Points of Departure But No Escape!

The U.S. Election is already being viewed, around the world, as the “formal end” to the idyllic ambition of self-governance; the ultimate manifestation of Benjamin Franklin’s great fear that the People were incapable of doing what it took to “keep it,” to preserve the charities of Liberty.

On or as to the subject of the Election and the calculated butchery of the Nation’s once cherished paradigm of the One Man-One Vote rule there’s very little to add to what I’ve already written on the subject however I do think that it of value that before we depart the subject of election decay that I share with you one final offering, a list we’ll simply refer to as being a few final points of departure, specific areas that when you observe them occurring you will then also be certain that as they do once sacred virtues will have been surrendered to influences that see you, a sovereign individual, as nothing more than a passing virtue bartered away like the virginity of a street urchin but with much less  indifference:

  • Biden’s announcements of cabinet members will signal compliance with global State’s ambitions. People like Janet Yellen, Ron Klain, Lael Brainard, X Bacerra, Victoria Nuland and so on are harbingers of not-good-for-sovereign-nation-status policies approaching.
  • Biden will reverse Trumps impressive work in many areas but no single effort more beneficial to the nation than foreign trade agreements, he’ll have not choice because if he doesn’t the Chicom’s, with the help of Putin, will drop a dime on him and his illegal influence peddling. It is a certainty, on matters of policy and executive administrative actions, that the U.S. economy will suffer dramatic reversals; it’s part of the planned “reset” that has been in the coordination process for the last five-six years only you haven’t heard much about it as your conscience has been kept occupied by the bait of Russian Collusion, the fantasy of countless, alleged, Trump misdeed and the lyrical discord of Impeachment that kept many Americans intoxicated with self-indulgent rage.
  • Biden’s Foreign Policy Agenda will be tailored to reverse domestic favor/advantages structured by Trump; you will know this to be a virtual certainty when you here comments from various global acolytes who will assert positions such as “…the U.S. – China relationship has suffered greatly under the Trump Administration pushing both Countries dangerously close to military confrontation” ignoring the truth that China is, now, in the position it is precisely because of accommodations made by Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations. Expect the first indication of this narrative to surface from the wretched lips of one Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright or the fossil of Henry “I get a piece of every deal” Kissinger.
  • U.S. dominance in the Global Energy Sector will begin to suspend quite rapidly; expect by the middle of 2nd Quarter of 2021 to see Crude begin to climb back up to the $58 plus per bbl price tag which is completely opposite the norm for a Candidate who claims to want to end its dependence on fossil fuels. Pretty amazing isn’t it particularly when you were made to feel flush with joy over the prospects of a Biden Administration’s statement that it was going to provide you clean energy at joyfully below the cost of Fossil-Fuel prices. Fooled again!
  • “Reset” & COVID-19: We’ve written extensively about this magical virus and I remain convinced that it is a fraud being waged for one single purpose: To disarm the Public, to condition out of the equation an Individuals natural objection to forced submission. There are very powerfully wealthy Individuals playing God with the Global Economy. These are not your typical Euro-WASP types though these very same predatory mollusks are probing the fringe of these influences for opportunity-access; the new crop are entirely configured around the belief that they can save mankind from himself but they never even bother to consider one far more important question: Who saves Mankind from them? Rational thought is a marvelous tool for stripping thru all sorts of lunacies. Anyway, they believe the global economy must be reconfigured, equitably rebalanced in a socially sanitized manner, right up there with the lunacy of renewable energy. The problem is that this notion is rife with catastrophic levels of cross-purposes that will not only disrupt the global economy it will sever any existing link of a viable economic cycle such that it will take decades to repair all the while the level of deprivation and despair will ravage the entire planet. What to watch for? Any suggestions that begin to circulate (which will ultimately mature to an actionable strategy) suggesting that paper currency is to blame for the planet inability to stop the transmission of the current pathogen or some twisted variation of this theme. Already, there is a Bill sitting in Senate/Congress committee titled the “Banking for All Act”; the House attempted to pass this Bill as part of the first COVID Giveaway (CARES Act) but thankfully the Trump Administration blocked it and it was removed. Yes, even the State anticipated an overturning of a Trump Second Term and shelved the idea in favor of an easier and far more willing port of entry. What is the BAA? In simplest of terms it is the establishment of a national digital currency. Now you understand why the State is blocking Trumps efforts to place Judy Shelton at the head of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Trumps success, as a U.S. President, has been remarkably beneficial to the Country and its people but in a few short weeks, should President Trump not be able to prevail against the massive forces staged against him, you will see Trumps efforts to end the globalized agenda reversed with a speed that will strip the mind of belief.

Barely a moment goes by that I don’t receive all types of communications asking for my opinion, comment or outlook but mostly I get asked “what do you think will happen?” I answer, “Precisely what it is that you allow.” I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve told me something along these lines; “…oh my, if I’d known what I know now I’d have not voted for Biden, I never realized the voting system was so corrupted.” Really? What, has your head been in the sand? Is your hybrid’s batteries leaking noxious fumes? How in the name of all that’s holly could you not see that you were being lied to! Willing ignorance, that’s what it is.

Yes indeed, what is going to happen is precisely what is intended to occur which is exactly what you willingly allow. You mustn’t blame the uber-tech-wealth of the like of Gates, Dorsey, Zuckerberg and so on, Feinstein, Clinton, Schiff, Schumer, Romney etc. You must understand first of all that these are not extraordinary people, they’re not thinking, thoughtful people capable of discriminating and multidimensional thought, they are, at best, linear thinkers, single dimensional and that makes them not only limited but incredible dangerous precisely because they are ignorant to the reality of unintended consequence or worse yet, they don’t care to know.

If Biden is allowed to occupy the White House you’d better pray that the Senate can hold him off until the mid-terms when Trump can help the GOP turn the House. If the House can be turned to a GOP majority then Congress will be able to correct the damage the Dems have done to Federal Election laws evidenced by what you now seeing happening to the President Trump. On the bright side, it may be best to let the knuckleheads see what their vote for Biden has delivered. Oh, my, I just started to think like a Biden supporter but thankfully I caught myself before the effects became irreversible!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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