Post Buttigieg: the Morning After Rx!

I believe, for most, that it has become clear that nothing Mayor Pete, not unlike Col. Bernie Sanders, says or does pairs well with what either claim as their core value or political compass; passing fancies, whether in the form of political intrigue or social fusion, never succeed as popular referendum they do however -over time- weaken the public conscience and allegiance to whatever the originating bond might have been. It has been proven that the effective fracturing of the social contract, the “originating bond”, is the opening door for the elixirs of deception(s).

Think of it, at the height of the Roman Empire who’d have ever thought that its eventual collapse was imminent? Hitler’s, for example, failed in 1923 and yet eleven years later, without firing a shot, he was welcomed with open arms as the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany. Even at the peak of their 60’s-era popularity Saul Alinsky or Bill Ayer’s Weather Underground were spoken only in off-street coffee houses, patchouli oiled speak-easies or the fashionably hip enclaves and yet now you have an entire Political Party cannibalizing itself in a manner that would likely delight Karl Marx while at the same time confuse the still-living Soviet-Russian propogandists who now sit in total wonder over this Nation’s willingness to plunge into its own sword.

My opinion remains the same which is this: Col. Sanders really has no interest in winning the Office of the Presidency; he merely wants the recognition that the disruption of a virulent voting bloc provides and the money that it makes him. Think of it, what has he done, legislatively, with his political popularity? Nothing! Pete Buttigieg is no different; his interest was merely to create recognition, to register the cultural shock-value as a placeholder on the book-spine of history. Seriously, he’s the Mayor of a City that continues to fail under his leadership, he has no singly legislative or policy success, no single cognitive economic or foreign policy platform and he remains shrouded with an intellectual anonymity second only to that of Gavin Newsom, Governor of the State of California.

Biden is most likely not the heir apparent but his yet-to-be names running mate is. Consider Biden a seriously failed Candidate with enough methane gas emanating from the composting sewage his closets contain to power an entire city; this makes him supremely mailable. Blumberg is merely a side-show meant to distract or redirect Trumps and the Public’s ire but the effort will fail; you may loathe Trump but you should never underestimate his strategic intuition. The Hierarchy-of-State knows a Trump vs. Biden is a losing contest so then why back him (Biden)? They also understand Sanders and the virulent strain that runs through his fan base so then why work to turn him away from the nomination? I believe the public should be asking these questions with an eye for remaining alert to how the Elitists propagate the inevitable response.

The plan is this: Look for ways of submarining Trumps surge in popularity all the while keeping in mind the words of Rahm Emanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff and Mayor of yet another Failed Democratic Party run City of Chicago, who famously stated: “…never let a serous crisis go to waste.”

It’s all about Control; they can’t control Trump however their messaging system can control the Public so much so that it is not inconceivable that Biden could win and by doing so, through his chattel VP, set up  ownership of the White House for the next 12 years. The path and intent are clear, the method of affecting it all is ever evolving.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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