Pro-Testation’s of a Different Order

Not seen yet as a Villain, he’s welcomed unopposed;
Pleasing to the Eager who bend to all proposed.

Points of order, shaped and contoured;
Not to bother with the methods, rightful shares has been assured.

So liberally sought again-again and still have none opposed;
Distance grows ‘twixt will and naught, probity’s deposed.

Scarcity of futures from options laid to fallow;
The Eager and the Silent-while-they-plunder, form as fates allow.

Having seen their day of purpose, virtues seeds no longer sowed;
Still the chanting Masses gather fore, a claim they’re not owed.

Shame a Villain welcomed unopposed?
Points of order shaped and contoured, promised now deposed?

A new affair is of-the-order shaped and contoured ‘sured to ease;
Charge the burden of an excess to none you know, and as you please.

To streets the eager minds, off to near and distant lands;
Boasting turbid purpose, a Villain understands.


There are many possible explanations for the exhibitions now underway in various Cities across the U.S. and now to Europe as well. The most dominant theme suggests that these events have something to do with the excesses of Wall Street; yes, of course it has something to do with Wall Street however the global financial apparatus, of which New York is now only a component part, is but the end-result of a mechanism deserving of a far greater measure of attention: The U.S. Congress. 

Ultimately it is the American People who have accommodated the evolution of oppressive government suspending their primary function of insisting upon the preservation of Constitutional principles whose design purpose was shaped and contoured specifically to contain the petulant risk of government excess. If only from the vantage point of the legislative process, the U.S. Congress abdicated it’s duty to interests adverse to those of the American People who themselves made it possible by voting office tenure to supremely malleable politicians.  

I’ve watched, read and listened to numerous commentaries and after composing my thoughts I’ve resolved to a rather curious observation: It appears as if the mass of humanity is in want for a script from some director-of-conscience. There should be no illusion as to the tactical strategies of conflict as social disorder has long been a very effective tool for disabling constitutional virtues; the cause of crisis is a fear-based organism which easily disables public conscience and most folks are largely unaware of these divisive processes and the manner by which they are used and how frequently they are employed. If you care to know more I suggest you click here and read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals; they are alive and well and their master tactician now occupies the Oval Office and easily orchestrates his minions with the help of his favored and most trusted confidant, Van Jones, also an accomplished master of strategic chaos. On their own they are merely a disruptive force yet when combined with the facilities of a willing accomplice, the U.S. Congress, adverse outcome is far more probable.  

Though the diversity of converging forces are many I believe it a mistake to orientate ones opinion that these events are merely political, it is not; you are witness the seeding of strategic chaos via social disintegration, an open exhibition of the American Publics conscience, conviction and moral compass. Many should observe a fair amount of irony particularly the many protesters lashed to their smart-phones and iPads (made in China) all the while claiming economic depravity as the root cause of their protesting Wall Street; the hypocrisy is just below comedic! If the Protestors are truly victimized by pervasive inequality then why not stalk Capitol Hill, the White House or their own Senators or Congresspersons? Not likely of course as that would requires a courageous act of conviction and it’s much easier to take the non-invasive and less risky approach for purposes of branding urban conflict; for visual shock-value alone this approach is far more effective – tacticians of strategic-chaos prefer soft-targets. 

Yes by all means it’s a statement of supreme conviction to defecate in the street, burn a flag, flip-off a Cop or trample on the sovereign individual and/or private property rights of another; not unlike the evolved state of our once representative form of government, it’s a fabulous metaphor for our time:  

“Make it mean whatever you want just be sure that the price for doing so becomes a burden to someone else!”

IN the final analysis it seems as if the American Conscience is trapped in a vexing of its own making and one that has no hope of ceding a survivable resolution. It follows along a metaphor of its own, unique, form of lunacy: Making Peace with the Forces of Hell understanding of course that the nature of each is an anathema to the other which brings me to one last exercise, an inquiry revolving about the word-of-the-day: equality. What I find interesting is that, by intention, the use of the word equality is most frequently in its antonymic form: Inequality. By toying with contemporary parlance of each an extraordinary and philosophically acute routine developed; I found the result provocative and I trust you will as well: 

  •  Inequality is the residue of Equality having survived Political advantage.
  •  Inequality is the outcome of imposed entitlement Equality.
  •  Inequality is what occurs when Equality interprets an Unalienable Right.
  •  Inequality is Equality’s interpretation of an entitlement unfulfilled.
  •  Inequality of effort demands Equality of reward.
  •  Inequality of reward commands revised and enhanced Equality.
  •  Inequality of conscience yields contempt for Equality.
  •  Inequality of Government promotes dysfunctional Equality.
  •  Inequality of truth fosters Equality of divisiveness.
  •  Inequality of Legal bias assures Equality of Judicial abuse. 

There is a deliberate component of ambiguity in each of these all of which serves well in illustrating the essence of what might very well be the causal forces driving the processes which have neutralized the distinctly American Identity of representative government. Washington, as with most State and Local Governments, has become uniformly detached from the once sacred components which once defined the now vacant notion of American Exceptionalism and sadly, for those in search of representation, the alternatives are becoming increasingly scarce. For those not yet willing to concede the concepts of higher purpose it seems an appropriate opportunity for offering a Pro-Testation crafted by President Andrew Jackson who, in near perfect form, understood the application and relevance of higher purpose 

“Americans are not a perfect people but we are called to a perfect mission.”

I deliberately chose Jackson’s word as I find them useful for illustrating a lost connection with the very Ideal his phrase captures; to what should always be this Nation’s perpetual statement of purpose and our common ideal. It is this very Ideal of purpose that is integral to our own Declaration of Independence and is foundational to the ultimate expression of One’s life that holds as its   “…perfect mission” a commitment to the preservation and perfecting of “We hold these truths….” There is no future America assured, there is no perfecting of Freedom or Liberty if there is no tomorrow where noble cause is championed and where none remain resolute in insuring that those who follow will not only be privileged by their affect but will also witness in our actions, in our time, that we assured nothing less. 

One’s intimate sense of a purpose; should it not be to an Ideal which is far greater than One’s corporal form and one which transcends the ephemeral? I believe so and it is for this reason I find the surrender of the American Identity so troubling and as a national ambition, it is perhaps far worse that so few public figures recognize its fundamental value and virtue.    

“The marketplace of vision’s where each extends beyond the image shown;
luster and the brilliant ‘come the custom as none dare fail to breathe their image,
 teasing what infinite has only known.

 Why teach oh Master, have not these things long been and so endure?
 A Potter forms each shape, a perfect image father’s shown,
 With care toward perfect form, tis then the Sun may cure.

 The marketplace has fallen silent the mirage its own allure;
 The once lasting image, having lost the valiant,
Quietly fades and imagines no more.”

 Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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