Senator McCain: The Pagan Legate!

The Senate’s reverent response to Senator McCain’s return, ostensibly to cast his vote on the latest iteration of this forums attempt to keep its promise to the electorate (which I expect McCain will ultimately oppose), is puzzling.

How, with absolutely no legislative success of worthy mention, with no single (original) policy missive of merit and a history of ceremonial contradiction like no other, has this Senator managed to amass a standing commanding such regard?

I find these types of laudatory simulations deeply disingenuous, after all, let us not forget that there are thousands of Americans who suffer from either life-threatening or terminal illnesses without the recognition and/or resources of the elected-elite. And whose lives measure profound and lasting contributions, occurring in silence and without the recognition, given this Pagan Legate or his government kin awarded a named freeway, building, bridge or airport.

These fantasy-practices serve only to reinforce the publics contempt for a process that elevates its stature above that of the People it is bound to serve.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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