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April 4, 2009

Recently I had the occasion to spend some time with a group of folks.  It was a “dinner” of a sorts and I was invited to say a few words. It would be indiscrete of me to express much as to the details of the event so accept for now if you will that time was set aside to express a fond farewell to an individual who truly would be missed. 

I never feel quite comfortable at these types of events, there’s so much sadness and torment and I must confess I have one part of me that wishes I could waive a wand and make it all mean nothing and the other part wanting to find a way to make it mean something more!

Anyway, there I was in the midst of a few hundred people or so with nothing prepared, nothing written down, my mind absolutely BLANK, which, as it turns out, was fortuitous.

Sitting at a table of nine, I was flying solo this evening though fortunately, for me, the table was nicely occupied by folks having plenty to say and as I took my seat,  they were engaged in brisk conversation paying no mind to me hitting the leg of the table with my knee.

I picked up on the “bones” of the chat which had something, more or less, to do with the battle being waged over the California Supreme Courts dealings on the issue of “same sex marriage”.   I loathe that discussion, though not, primarily, for the reasons you might think.  Anyways, as I so despise this particular topic I attempted to be inconspicuous and anonymous simply directing my focus to the sour-dough rolls sitting in front of me.  Funny, I found myself thinking about having to do more “cardio” in order to make up for the butter I was about to consume.  Butter is good, so more of it must be better! Right?

I was fully engaged in the subject of butter, bread and cardio when I was pulled out of my ruse by the words “so Curtis, where do you STAND!”  Not to pat myself on the back or endear myself to you the reader however, in this circle, I’m known.  I found myself recalling the old E.F. Hutton commercials: “…when E.F. Hutton talks,  people listen….” Well, it wasn’t quite that dramatic, there were no loud speakers yet when this person announced and identified her prey (me), the curiosity of those within the sound of her voice was definitely peaked!

As I typed this I think I’ll continue the subject of “same sex marriage” another time. Mind you not because I want to but more so that now having brought it up, it’s only a matter of time before the topic catches up to me.  So, here’s my agreement, I’ll continue the topic on a later post, I may even insert it as the next one.

What I want to simply say is that I was struck by the phrase “where do you stand!” Later I would modify the idea a bit to be “what is it you stand for by standing for some thing”!

This became the message of the evening when I ultimately accepted the  microphone and though I was scripted only to the extent of “where do you stand!”, for this purpose it worked beautifully primarily because the individual I was addressing was, truly, a “standing for” sort of fellow. In fact, this person’s life was emblematic of the notion “what is it when you stand for standing for something!”  Reverent Character is what “it” was!

In order to “stand” for anything, one must first have the construct required in order to first think, then speak, and then be or do that which they are professing to “Stand For”.

In other words,  in order to have courage to make or take a Stand,  mustn’t one first have the constitution to know what it means to “stand for”?  I believe it does.  I believe it is the consummate expression of virtue and the nobility of an acknowledged greater purpose! 

It is to know, intuitively, and express your native understanding that your actions have consequence to a greater body of which your are a part such that your failure to express this native understanding is the equivalent to one poisoning their own well or shooting-off there on foot!

Another way of stating the point is to reconfigure the syntax of the phrase.  Try this.  To be able to stand for something, one must first comprehend and acknowledge the force compelling one to “stand for” some “thing”, or for that matter, if to “stand” for any “thing” at all!

A component thought of this rests in the precise understanding of one very unique word: “Cause”.  At the root or core of every “thing”, be it physical or non-physical, is its origin.  All “things” have an origin.  Now,  here’s the point: the “origin” of “origin” is “cause”! As a conscious Being, you are “cause” in each and every expression!  You and you alone give “it” life!

The evening was quite pleasant and it was time to go home. Yes, Folks were “touched” by the comments and many smiled at me as they walked by.  However I was far more engaged by the silence and the contemplative look on the many faces of those that said nothing at all.  There expressions, if put to words, might best be expressed as if to say,  “hmmm,  I need to think about this more.”

I confess, this is exactly what I hope to accomplish in all my appearances, writings etc. I am not looking to amass an army of “kool-aid drinkers”!  No, I am however, hoping to inspire an army of Individuals convergance upon a universal understanding that we are far more interconnect with one another than we dare admit!  

Yes, “Stand 4” some “thing” of profound importance and yes, be an integral part of a life-changing experience.  BUT!!

First, commit to your self to be willing to Stand 4 you being first in your own line, Standing for the convictions and components necessary to be able to STAND FIRM!

And then,  when you know your “WHY” you must Stand,  then you will STAND FIRM with others who will appear and STAND FRIM along with you and others!

Before you know it!  It will be STANDING ROOM ONLY!

Start with,  if I may suggest, to “ I Stand 4”: 

  • Courage
  • Knowledge of Reverent Faithfulness
  • Certainty
  • Fearlessness
  • Wisdom

 When you truly grasp these concepts and make them  your own you will take the first steps at being faithful to the tenor of R.W. Emerson’s words “What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.” 

By the way, these are the very same reasons for “why” our Government is so dysfunctional. It has redefined the principal such that it appears this way:  “We’ll speak so loudly that what we do you’ll not hear!”

Thought can inspire Action, but it is not thought that gives rise to outcome, that part is up to you and your willingness to Stand 4!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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